Some Of Dungeons & Dragons’ Weirdest First Edition Monsters Are Coming Back

Some of the oldest monsters from Dungeons & Dragons are making a comeback as part of a charitable effort, as a new book is bringing back some of the creatures from the first edition of the game, with all proceeds going to the Extra Life charity.

The Fiend Folio was one of the earliest books in the history of Dungeons & Dragons to be composed solely of stats for monsters. It’s common for most editions of Dungeons & Dragons to have at least one Monster Manual as part of the three crucial books needed for games, with more books filled with monsters released over the course of the lifespan of the edition. The original Fiend Folio has become notorious for some bizarre monster designs, including introducing the infamous flumph to the series, and for pinching the githyanki name from one of George R.R. Martin’s early novels.

According to Bell of Lost Souls, the new book will include updated versions of the Assassin Bug, Blindheim, Crab Folk, Dire Corby, Eye of Fear and Flame, Forlarren, Fog Giant, Jermlaine, Khargra, Killmoulis, Mite, Needlefolk, Needle Lord, Norker, Screaming Devilkin, Ygorl, and a Xill. All of the proceeds from Mordenkainen’s Fiendish Folio, Volume 1: Monsters Malevolent and Benign got to the Extra Life program. Extra Life has raised over fifty million dollars for sick children since 2008 through different gaming marathon events. The Extra Life program is part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals charity, which is a non-profit organization that raises money for children’s hospitals.

The Fiend Folio was notorious for its silly monster designs, like the caryatid column (it’s an evil column), frost men (really cold dudes), and the gorilla bear (a gorilla with sharp teeth). These monsters are usually best left in the darkest corners of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, but it’s worthwhile to revive them if it’s for a good cause.

Source: Bell Of Lost Souls, DMs Guild

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