Solid Snake’s David Hayter Narrates This Metal Gear Solid Cut Content Video

The latest episode in the well regarded YouTube series DidYouKnowGaming? – which delves into gaming trivia, Easter eggs, secrets, and little known bits of gaming history and lore – is a doozy. That's because it focuses on Hideo Kojima's critically acclaimed, and notoriously complex, Metal Gear Solid series, but also because it is narrated by the actor who voices the iconic Solid Snake: David Hayter.

It's an in-depth video that explores the cut content from the Metal Gear Solid games. It starts off well, as Hayter narrates the story of how the torturous interrogation of Snake in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty had to be toned down due to ongoing events in the real world at the time. The episode is a follow-up video to a previous DidYouKnowGaming? entry, which also featured Hayter as narrator, that also looked at cut content in the MGS series, but this time we get even more of a deep dive.

Scouring hundreds of games magazines from all over the world, watching through old footage, and searching through thousands of Kojima Tweets (my sympathies on this one), DidYouKnowGaming? definitely did their research to produce their latest episide, which runs to more than 40 minutes.

Other highlights from the video include sections on VR missions that had to be cut, Kojima's unique sense of humour, cut sharks, as well as game modes like a versus mode that never saw the light of day. The fact that the familiar voice of David Hayter who voiced Solid Snake and Naked Snake over several MGS games is narrating is just the icing on the cake. If you weren't aware, Hayter has quite the career beyond video games. He wrote the screenplay for the 2000 Bryan Singer-directed X-Men (for which he won the Saturn Awar for Best Writing) and he even has a cameo as 'museum cop' in the movie. He also wrote the likes of The Scorpion King, X2, and Watchmen.

The video is a great look at Metal Gear Solid and its sequels, with a great amount of footage from the games so it's a pleasing nostalgia fest for those of us who played through this iconic series.

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