Smite’s Magic: The Gathering Crossover Includes Liliana, Atraxa, And More

A few days ago, Smite confirmed its latest crossover will be with Magic: The Gathering. In a video posted online, we saw planeswalkers Jace, Chandra, Liliana Vess, and others engage in a good ol’ fashioned game of toss the fireball before being interrupted by the arrival of Nicol Bolas, one of Magic’s many big bad villains.

We didn’t know how the crossover would work, but today we find out that it’ll be similar to past Smite crossovers which have gods wear the skins of characters from established IPs. Smite has already crossed over with Nickelodeon characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stranger Things, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, so Magic is hardly a stretch.

One could argue that Magic is probably the most appropriate crossover Smite has ever done. Most of the confirmed characters are planeswalkers–enormously powerful beings that wield incalculable magical power as they walk the multiverse. Many in the Magic universe already consider them to be gods (although actual gods also exist in Magic).

The first batch of crossover characters is confirmed to be Chandra Nalaar repalcing Pele, Liliana Vess standing in for Nu Wa, Jace Beleren for Yu Huang, Atraxa for Thanatos, and Karn for Atlas. Strangely, we're missing both white and green mana colors from the first batch of skins, although the earlier trailer seemed to feature both Ajana Whiteman and Garruk, so perhaps the next set of skins will complete Magic's color wheel.

Speaking of compleation, Magic's upcoming expansion Phyrexia: All Will Be One will be previewed later today. This comes despite a rare and impressive leak that saw almost a quarter of the coming set's cards posted online. We now know the fates of the ten planeswalkers sent to New Phyrexia, as well as some new Legendary critters and some fun new spells too.

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