Smash Bros Ultimate: Helpful Video Explains Why Pit Is So Low-Tier

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hits the sweet spot of many Smash Bros. and fighting game fans out there. However, the game is still not without its flaws and its low-tier fighters tend to be one of them— and Pit is very notably a low-tier fighter.

Kid Icarus‘ protagonist, Pit, has been in Super Smash Bros. since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and his poor design as a fighter was fully realized in a video posted to Reddit by user Wonkit.

The video can be seen below.

Just under six minutes long, the in-depth video details exactly why Pit is a low-tier character. Starting with analysis on Pit’s hitboxes, it is demonstrated that the character’s ability to strike foes effectively and with accuracy pales in comparison to higher-tier characters like Lucina. Even worse, Pit can’t accurately strike a crouching opponent in a neutral pose, as illustrated in the video.

The clip goes on to demonstrate his lack of power. When it seems that an opponent is on the brink of death, Pit would seemingly be able to knock them off the screen with ease. However, it is shown they can recover from a lethal strike fairly quickly when it is delivered by Pit as opposed to other fighters like Palutena.

While his lack of power is disappointing enough for the average Smash player, Wonkit also argues that his speed, both in the air and on the ground, is incredibly sluggish. Moreover, the speed at which he lands from jumps is slower than most, which could make him vulnerable.

Pit also has what Wonkit calls “landing lag,” which refers to returning to battle after a “fast fall” or “autocancel.” Whereas the majority of characters have four frames of lag, Pit has five. For a character who should be pretty nimble, this is borderline illogical.

Wonkit concludes by stating that the video is not meant to convince players to not play as Pit. Rather, it is simply to display his weaknesses and reasons for being low-tier.

Now that there is detailed evidence of Pit’s inferiority as a fighter, hopefully he gets buffed quickly. Players can still make the most of him, but the video illustrates that new and old players might be better off as Link or another mainstay.

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