Slime Rancher: Guide To All Slime Science Resources

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If you want to get anywhere in Slime Rancher, you're going to need Slime Science Resources. These strange but integral items are vital components in the crafting recipes of important tech, decorative items, and much more. They're exceptionally beneficial for you in the long run.

Using one of three machines created in The Lab after you purchase it for 10,000 Newbucks, they are extracted depending on a wide variety of factors, including random chance and where they are built. It is rather confusing to keep track of each resource and how they're obtained at times, so be sure to keep an eye on what you need and at what time.


Slime Science Resources are one of the fundamental crafting components in Slime Rancher. They're used in recipes to create a multitude of techs, utilities, and other decorative and technological items.

Each resource is obtained by the use of extractors. These consist of Drills, Apiaries, and Pumps, all of which are crafted in The Lab. Each extractor siphons resources depending on location, random chance, and tier. For instance, Jellystone is only extracted with the Drill and is extractable everywhere, while Indigonium is only extractable in The Indigo Quarry.

Each extractor comes in four tiers; Novice, Advanced, Master, and 7Zee Rewards Club. Each tier lasts longer and produce more resources, with a higher likelihood of obtaining rare drops.

If you're having trouble obtaining rare resources, trading with other Ranchers in the Range Exchange is also a viable way to get what you need. There are also Treasure Pods that have a slight chance of dropping some.

Once an extractor has finished a cycle, which usually lasts 12 minutes, it will start dancing, signifying it's ready to harvest. The higher the tier, the more cycles it can run. It's also worth noting you can only have six of each extractor at a time.

Drill Resources

Drills come in four tiers; the Novice Drill, the Advanced Drill, the Master Drill, and the Titan Drill. The drill's location-specific resource is Indigonium, which is found in The Indigo Quarry.

Name Rarity Location
Jellystone Common Everywhere
Slime Fossil Uncommon Everywhere
Strange Diamond Rare Everywhere
Indigonium Common The Indigo Quarry
Glass Shard Common The Glass Desert

Apiary Resources

The Apiray tiers are the Novice Apiary, the Advanced Apiary, the Master Apiary, and the Royal Apiary. It's location-specific resource is Wild Honey which is found in The Moss Blanket.

Name Rarity Location
Buzz Wax Common Everywhere
Hexacomb Uncommon Everywhere
Royal Jelly Rare Everywhere
Wild Honey Common The Moss Blanket
Pepper Jam Common The Glass Desert

Pump Resources

The Pump's Tiers are the Novice Pump, the Advanced Pump, the Master Pump, and the Abyssal Pump. It's location-specific item is Deep Brine, which is found in The Dry Reef.

Name Rarity Location
Primordy Oil Common Everywhere
Spiral Steam Uncommon Everywhere
Lava Dust Rare Everywhere
Deep Brine Common The Dry Reef
Silky Sand Common The Glass Desert

Viktor's Workshop

Viktor's Workshop offers a unique Slime Science Resource in the form of Manifold Cubes. These items are obtained at 20 bug reports each and can create plenty of advanced resources. The Manifold Cube cannot be extracted, being the only resource that is this way.

The workshop is found through an initially deactivated teleporter in The Lab. In order to activate it, you must unlock the gate to The Ancient Ruins, as well as having the Treasure Cracker MKII. Once these stipulations are met, Viktor Humphries will offer a trade in exchange for opening the portal.

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