Slay the Spire will be turned into a board game, Kickstarter coming this spring

Slay the Spire, the hit single-player digital card game, is being developed as a cooperative tabletop card game. A crowdfunding campaign is scheduled for this spring on Kickstarter, but no pricing or delivery date has been announced. Those interested are being asked to sign up to be notified once the campaign launches.

Slay the Spire launched into Steam early access in 2018, where it almost immediately developed a rabid following. The game eventually arrived on modern consoles and iOS. An Android version is also in the works. The roguelike dungeon-crawling adventure uses the same kind of gameplay mechanics that make collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering so addictive. Many thousands of players have sunk many thousands of hours into it over the years. Meanwhile, the game has received critical acclaim — including here at Polygon.


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“Mastering Slay the Spire doesn’t come through learning the game’s systems,” wrote our Jeff Ramos in his 2019 review, “but rather by dismantling my assumptions about how it all works.”

So how will a digital game based on the conventions of tabletop gaming get ported back to become a physical game? We’ll have to wait until the campaign launches in the spring. One clue could be the developer’s previous title, a game called Imperium: The Contention.

Ultimately, we know just two things for sure. First, the final Slay the Spire card game will accommodate up to four players. Second, like many of the best games that came out in 2020, it will also include a single-player mode — just like the original.

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