Skyrim VR Player Takes Cat All The Way To Throat Of The World

Skyrim contains multitudes. It is layered, deep, and complex, and that's even before accounting for all the wild and wacky mods that've been created over the years. The RPG has become consumer of time, creator of enjoyment for its legions of fans who still find much to do within its atmospheric landscapes.

One player, who spends time within Tamriel in VR, took it upon themselves to befriend (or take hostage, depending on how you see it) a cat, which are creatures that need to be modded into the base game. The player spots the furry friend on the borders of Falkreath, as it runs towards them, sporting a spotty grey coat that's perfect camouflage for the stone road they both find themselves on. The player then picks up the cat.

The player proceeds to bring their newfound pet along with them. They journey together under arch, over bridge, through snowy woods, and up, up the slopes of a famous mountain. It appears the player is bringing their cat to the summit of Tamriel's tallest mountain, the highest peak in the game. But along the way they are waylaid.

The journey has been popular over on the Skyrim subreddit, where it has been upvoted more than 10,000 times at the time of writing, and inspired a surprisingly robust conversation around cats, The Lion King, and animal treatment.

A troll approaches, dropping down from a rocky outcrop and rushes at them on the path while snow falls. The troll is quickly dispatched, however, with the player using some unknown force. Speculation points to perhaps another mod being used, which reduces the troll's health. Another could be that the cat has somehow been imbued with special power, or perhaps the player is overpowered. The truth is unknown. But anyway, they proceed, up the final steps.

Once they have reached the peak, the player looks out at the horizon, while snow continues to fall. Good thing our cat is naturally furred up against this vertiginous cold. Our adventurer and mountaineer deposits the cat on the high-up ground as they each overlook the vista. The player pulls out two beers, clinks them together, and leaves one for the cat. They salute the cat with their beer and enjoy a nice quiet moment with the feline standing on the top of the known world, as snow falls softly on their high spot in Tamriel.

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