Skyrim Mod Makes Wolves Too Fluffy And Cute To Kill

Skyrim has an abundance of graphical mods, usually for creatures and monsters, but Wolves of Skyrim is a little different in that it primarily focuses on making these big angry doggos fluffy. You can't pet the animals, sadly, but you can look at them with awe of their fluff.

Published by Hornophobic, this mod not only makes them "fluffier than ever", but also chunkier and bigger, making them look a little more like Doge. They're cuddlier and cuter, so if you download it, good luck killing them – if I were you, I'd just run past the lot and let them live their lives. Push comes to shove, a town guard will take the emotional bullet for you.

Inspired by the Legendary Edition mod Bears of the North and True Wolves, this mod completely overhauls all different types in-game. There's no one glove fits all here – there's a wide range of colours, weights, and levels of fluff, making your encounters with these cute dogs all the more heartbreaking.

If you want to download it, all you need to do is install it with your mod manager of choice and overwrite all other files. It should be compatible with everything if you ensure to overwrite other mods, even Fluffworks. And if you're worried about consistency, Hornophobic is working on patches for SIC, Animallica, and Carry Your Carcasses.

If you like their designs, Hornophobic also has mods that overhaul deers, mountain lions, squirrels, and the Thalmor, making all of them more wholesome and Disney-fied. You wouldn't want to be the one that shot Bambi, eh? But maybe you'll be the prick that nicked her with a fireball.

In other Skyrim news, one fan has gone the extra mile and created a video showcasing what the game would look like remade from the ground-up in Unreal Engine 5, featuring an in-depth look at Riverwood and the surrounding area including the burnt-down watchtower outside Skyrim that we venture to amidst a dragon attack.

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