Silent Hill returns this week with official Konami announcement

After so many rumours of multiple Silent Hill games, Konami itself is finally ready to announce something for the franchise.

From Hideo Kojima being involved to a remake of Silent Hill 2, for years there have been multiple and insistent claims of Konami reviving its Silent Hill franchise, and now it’s been confirmed it is actually happening.

You’re likely as sick of hearing about them as we are of writing about them. However, it looks like the rumour mill may finally end since Konami itself is teasing something Silent Hill related, to be revealed this week.

Specifically, a Silent Hill Transmission is scheduled for this Wednesday, October 19 at 10pm BST and will feature ‘the latest updates for the Silent Hill series.’

Granted, it doesn’t specify that a new game will be revealed, but that has been the most consistent rumour concerning the series, which hasn’t seen a proper new entry since 2012.

It’s long been rumoured that Konami has more than one Silent Hill game in development. Aside from the aforementioned Silent Hill 2 remake, images from a wholly original project leaked earlier this year, which Konami soon took down.

Something called Silent Hill: The Short Message later popped up on South Korea’s age rating website. Although there are no other details about it, it doesn’t really sound like a Silent Hill 2 remake.

Silent Hill isn’t the only franchise that Konami is rumoured to be reviving. There are claims of it trying to get back into releasing more premium video games in general, with new projects and remakes planned for its Castlevania and Metal Gear franchises.

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