Signalis: How To Get The Revolver

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  • Acquiring The Flashlight Module
  • Where To Find Weapon Case
  • Where To Find Hunter's Key
  • Obtaining the Revolver

Signalis is a survival horror video game situated around Elster, a Replika. As Elster explores Sierpinski, the mining facility, she comes across more and more enemies. Most of the time, taking out these enemies is crucial in order to proceed. Because of that, you will need the best weapons there are in the game to take down all the enemies.

The Revolver is a missable weapon in Signalis that you have to obtain by acquiring certain other items. Here is all you need to know about acquiring the components and combining them to acquire Revolver.

Acquiring The Flashlight Module

To acquire the Revolver, you will first have to find a few items. Those are the Weapon Case and the Hunter's Key. Both of the items have one thing in common. They are located in Dark Rooms, and you will need the Flashlight Module to explore them. To acquire the Module, make your way to Paternoster Lift and head to B8. From the Lift, head left and make your way through the Eastern Hallway. You will need to reach the ADLR Bedroom, which you can unlock with the Eagle Key.

Once inside, you can find the Flashlight Module lying on the table. Pick it up, equip it, and head towards finding the Weapon Case.

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Where To Find Weapon Case

Next up is finding the Weapon Case in B6 – Staff Accommodations. From the Lift, make your way to the Repair Bay, which is a Dark Room. There are two enemies in this room, so be careful. Deal with them and head up towards the Shooting Range. Here you will find some Ammo along with the Weapon Case.

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Where To Find Hunter's Key

Finding the Hunter's Key will be your next priority. The Hunter Key is located in B7 – Protektor Accommodations. Make your way to the Protektor Archive, where the Hunter Key is located at the end of the room.

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Obtaining the Revolver

Once you have both of the items, you can simply go to your inventory and combine the Weapon Case with Hunter's Key to obtain the Revolver. The Revolver is a potent weapon with limited ammo you find throughout the game.

You can make use of the weapon in cases where you can not defeat a powerful enemy, and it also blocks your path.

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