"Sign In With Apple" Support Is Being Removed From Fortnite – Update Your Login Details Now

The ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and the Apple corporation isn’t looking like it will end anytime soon. With lawsuits and counter lawsuits being thrown around willy nilly, users that simply want to play Fortnite are going to be punished a heck of a lot before anything really sticks. That brings us to today’s topic: Sign in with Apple.

For those unfamiliar with how digital accounts work, the “Sign in with Apple” feature was an option supported on many iOS games that allowed users to link different apps to their Apple account. This helped with cutting down on the number of passwords you’d have, as well as giving you the added security features that Apple offers. Epic was able to make use of this for Fortnite, linking all player data and progression to Apple accounts so iOS users would have an easier time.

Well, the latest play in Apple’s case against Epic is to remove the “Sign in with Apple” feature from Fortnite. When will this take effect? Friday, September 11, 2020. You read that correctly: Apple is playing hardball and is giving iOS users two days to transfer their Fortnite accounts to an Epic Games Store login or they risk losing all of their data and progress.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to change your account email and password, Epic has created a thorough FAQ that will walk you through the steps. When you have the time, make sure to do this so that you won’t lose out on any of your Fortnite progress. This is a particularly scummy move from Apple and will likely result in some people not getting the news. That might be Apple’s ultimate goal since users will inevitably blame Epic.

Regardless of who is at fault, this entire situation is ridiculous. Both companies are multi-million dollar corporations that are fighting a war over who can get more millions. Epic may be battling under the guise of “fighting for the little guy,” but let’s not kid ourselves. This is just a rich person’s slap fight.

Whichever side you fall on in this battle, just be aware that you may lose your Fortnite progress if you’ve played on iOS before.

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