Shungen Route Guide For Birushana: Rising Flower Of Genpei

Gentle. Soothing. Always there for comfort. Yet fierce when needed, loud and boisterous, and ever with his best friend's health and happiness in mind. We could be talking about someone's pet dog. We could even be referencing a certain sort of pet cat. We are, of course, discussing Shungen, one of Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei's five romance interests and the coziest of them all.

Shungen fits the "best friends growing up" trope like a glove whilst developing on his own course along the way. His interactions with other major characters beyond heroine Shanao, such as the monk Benkei, can be as entertainingly heartfelt as anything else the game has in store for you. But if you've pinned your hopes on Shanao shagging Shungen, you should surely read on.

As stat growth is an integral part of Birushana's gameplay, we'll be sure to let you know whenever a choice boosts Shanao's Strength, Knowledge, or Kindness meters. For Shungen, there is a large focus on Kindness.

Getting to Know Shungen

Shungen beats even Noritsune Taira to the punch by being the first love interest the game introduces you to. In fact, his introduction directly coincides with Shanao's. Three fraudster samurai show up on the mountain where Shanao and Shungen's Buddhist monastery was built upon. Shungen wisely recognizes the trap, immediately dashing into the fray to protect his friend by any means necessary.

Throughout Shanao's journey, Shungen will occasionally be at a loss for words. Contrast this with how much he has to say about anybody who disrespects her or their mutually shared upbringing, and it's easy to see these rare moments show Shungen at his tenderest. Whether it's due to his feelings for the protagonist or another deep-rooted distress, it's generally endearing.

Follow the Shared Route until it diverges into Shungen's — we will, of course, tell you exactly how to get there.

How to Unlock Shungen's Happy Ending

If there is a coziest romance in a visual novel bursting with the blood of falling warriors in a terrible conflict, surely it's Shungen's. It's sweet, it's tender, but it never threatens to caramelize into something overly saccharine. Both Shungen and Shanao have a lot going on, even if so much of it is interlinked, and you'll need to treat Shungen like a human being first and a romance partner second to prevent a more tragic fate for the lad.

Sequence Correct Response Bonuses
Shared Route 1-1 (Silently watch the samurai) Strength Increases
Shared Route 1-2 "There's got to be a way out of this."
Shared Route 2-1 "I can't live up to the Genji name. Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-2 "I don't want war with the Heike." Shungen's Love Meter Rises and Kindness Increases
Shared Route 2-3 "I feel the same way about you, Shungen." Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shared Route 2-4 "I don't care about my mother." Strength Increases (Note: Raising Kindness instead is a valid option, but you'll need a measure of Strength going forward as well)
Shared Route 2-4 "We're stronger together."
Shared Route 2-2-9 "You don't need to apologize." Strength Increases
Shared Route 2-2-11 "What makes the Heike so great?" Knowledge Increases
Shared Route 3-2-1 "What happened to the Heike?" Strength Increases
Shared Route 3-2-5 "I hope it's a fate I can bear." Knowledge Increases
Shungen's Route 3-1 "Will you hold my hand?" Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 4-2 "I rely on you too much." Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 5-2 "I feel so relieved." Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 6-1 "It's only natural he'd be impressed, Shungen." Knowledge Increases
Shungen's Route 7-1 "It's so embarrassing." Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 7-3 (Nodded.) Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 8-1 "I'm sorry." Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 9-1 (Keep his heart next to mine.) Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 9-1 "I'm happy about it." Kindness Increases
Shungen's Route 10-1 "I can't wait either!" Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 11-1 "Let me see your face." Shungen's Love Meter Rises
Shungen's Route 12-1 "No…" Shungen's Love Meter Rises

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From very early into the story, Shungen makes it pointedly clear he values Shanao's life over his own. Helping him to view his own worth is a recurring piece to the puzzle of unlocking his Happy Ending, so it stands to reason that his Tragic Ending would involve elements of neglecting to do so.

Sequence Tragic Ending Trigger Response
Shungen's Route 8-1 "There was nothing I could do."
Shungen's Route 9-1 "I'll do my best."
Shungen's Route 9-1 "I just want everybody to know."
Shungen's Route 10-1 "Maybe not as excited as you."
Shungen's Route 11-1 "Are you okay?"
Shungen's Route 12-1 "You really think so?"

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