Should You Choose Nomad, Streetkid, Or Corpo In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally in our hands and on our hard drives, and it’s time to dive into Night City and get a taste of the dark and grungy underworld that CD Projekt Red has been cooking up for us all this time. But before you actually manage to immerse yourself in the city, you’ll have to choose what kind of character you’ll be strolling with, and that’s not the easiest decision to make.

In this guide, we’re going to give you the broad strokes of what the different intros in Cyberpunk 2077 are like, and what the long-term effects of your decision are in the game. You might be tempted into one of the life paths already, but is it a decision you’ll regret, or will this guide cement your lifestyle? Read on below for our breakdown of the different intros in Cyberpunk 2077 so you can make your decision.

What’s Different About The Nomad Intro In Cyberpunk 2077?

The Nomad life path starts out on the outskirts of Night City, in the Badlands. People out here depend on their vehicles to stay alive in the Mad Max-esque deserts. It’s quickly made apparent that the Nomads aren’t friends of the law in this world, but they’re a dab-hand at machinery. You get introduced to Jackie Welles who wants you to help him smuggle some cargo over the Night City border, and doing so won’t be simple.

You manage to get in contact with Jackie and jump in the car to drive down to the border crossing, but things go sour quickly, and what should’ve been a quiet trip through customs erupts into an eventful drive into Night City itself. But things work out, just about, and you’ll partner up with Jackie, who offers to find you a home, and a family if you stand by him.

What’s Different About The Streetkid Intro In Cyberpunk 2077?

The Streetkid into is exactly what it sounds like – you were born on the streets of Night City, you call them home, and you already know all of the big players and gangs. People look to you as reliable and known on the streets, so you don’t show fear when talking down gang thugs. You start out in a bar where Kirk has a brand new job for a reputable merc like yourself. All you need to do is steal a car, and he already has the master key. Should be an easy job, if all goes smoothly.

On the way out of the club Padre pulls you into his car – one of the known crime lords of this part of Night City, Padre isn’t a man that’s easy to refuse. He gives you a ride, and on the way, you have an opportunity to show your street-smarts before he drops you off and gives you his number. As you might expect, the car heist doesn’t go quite as expected, Jackie Welles shows up and pulls a gun on you, but not before you’re both interrupted by the NCPD, who have been tipped off to your actions. Typical. Luckily you manage to get out relatively unscathed, and it’s a decent ice-breaker between yourself and Jackie before you go on some adventures together.

What’s Different About The Corpo Intro In Cyberpunk 2077?

The Corpo-Rat is the name of the Corpo introductory quest, and it’s intense. As a loyal Corpo worker, you answer to the higher-ups at Arasaka, including Jenkins, a misogynistic egomaniac. The conversations here are dense and violent, talking about removing people who are in competition with you. After being given a hefty task by Jenkins you decide to meet up with your old friend Jackie Welles, who can help you with your task. If you take the time to read V’s terminal in Arasaka headquarters you’ll find his messages full of bureaucratic garbage, as is typical for the life of a Corpo. You even have a life coach which calls you when on your way to Jackie after detecting stress – dystopian indeed.

You meet with Jackie in a club after forcing some basketball players to make way for your vehicle landing – the arrogance of a Corpo knows no bounds. You let Jackie know the situation, and he starts listing off what you would need to get rid of Jenkins’ competitors. Jackie decides he doesn’t want to be involved in such a high-risk mission and warns you that you might be next if you continue to live the Corpo life.

Before the situation even has time to set in, Arasaka Corpo goons show up to acquire everything you received from Jenkins regarding this hit job, and they shut down all Arasaka cybernetics in your system, meaning you’re essentially incapable of moving. Jackie stops the goons from dragging you off, and then welcomes you back into the fold, offering you a new life, allowing you to leave behind the Corpo fascists. Good choice, samurai.

What Long-Term Changes Does Your Life Path Make In Cyberpunk 2077?

This is the big question. Each of these life paths take roughly 20 minutes to complete, meaning they don’t take up a massive portion of the game, and they all culminate in you making firm friends with Jackie Welles, your colourful partner. So what changes after these admittedly very different introductions?

Well, not too much. The primary difference you’ll experience throughout the rest of the game will be dialogue choices based on your history. A Nomad’s experience with machinery and the Badlands can be vital in certain missions, and their extra dialogue choices might help you in a tough situation.

Meanwhile, the Streetkid intro knows about the gangs and crime lords of Night City, meaning when you’re interacting with suspicious individuals you’ll be able to crack wise and talk about their affiliations. In one scenario you can be in a cafe as it gets robbed, but warning the thieves of how local gangs would retaliate to their actions will have them running scared.

And, of course, the Corpo is as a Corpo always is. Corpos know all about missions that involve corporations and the NCPD. A Corpo will know what kind of repercussions there will be in Night City if NCPD patrols the wrong areas, and a Corpo will recognise high-end cybernetic technology when they see it, thanks to their former Corpo implants.

Ultimately these changes don’t impact the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 too much, but your background will make your protagonist sound much more knowledgeable and intimidating in the right situations depending on what you choose. But regardless of what life path you choose in Cyberpunk 2077, you can rest assured you’re not missing too much, and can always start up those other life paths on a new save.

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