Shenmue getting an anime but still no sign of Shenmue 4

The Shenmue franchise will be receiving a 13-episode anime adaptation, with series creator Yu Suzuki on board as executive producer.

While fans of Shenmue are still waiting for an unannounced fourth game, they can bide their time with a newly revealed anime adaptation.

Announced as a collaboration between Crunchyroll and Adult Swim, Shenmue: The Animation will be produced by Telecom Animation Studio, the studio responsible for this year’s Tower Of God.

Series creator Yu Suzuki is heavily involved with the project, as executive producer, and Chikara Sakurai will serve as director, having previously held the same role on One Punch Man Season 2.

So far, the show has only one season confirmed, which will consist of 13 episodes, but it has been described as an adaptation of the whole franchise and not just the first game.

Shenmue’s heavy focus on story makes it perfect for being turned into an anime and it could serve as a great alternative to experiencing Ryo’s quest to hunt down the man who killed his father.

However, it should be noted that Shenmue’s story is unfinished. Shenmue 3, the first sequel in 18 years, infamously ended on a cliff-hanger and was criticised for not advancing the overall narrative.

Obviously, this first season won’t cover three games’ worth of events and will most likely adapt only the first game.

But with Shenmue 4 likely still a ways off, and Suzuki previously admitting that the story probably won’t reach a conclusion until Shenmue 5, is it a good idea to divide his time between game development and anime production?

The anime doesn’t have an air date yet, so fans could be left waiting a long time for it as well. Although if there’s one thing Shenmue fans are used to, it’s waiting.

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