Serial Cleaners: Chapter Two Mission Guide

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  • Parking Garage (Bob, 1991)
  • Gang Hideout (Lati, 1994)
  • Sin Bin Nightclub (Hal, 1993)
  • Arcade (Erin, 1995)

In the second chapter of Serial Cleaners, the crew reminisces about their favorite jobs from the last decade. Starting with Bob and then going through the rest of the team in whichever order you choose, this set of missions is more dangerous and complex than the previous chapter.

Whether you're dodging the Minneapolis Police in a remote parking garage or cleaning up the aftermath of a gang shooting, You'll need to use each character's abilities more actively to dispose of all the evidence. Read on for a complete guide to all four missions in Chapter Two!

Parking Garage (Bob, 1991)

After the interlude that flashes back to Bob's life in the eighties, the story resumes shortly before he meets Hal for the first time. This mission's objective is to clean out a multi-level parking garage, and police are already on the scene.

There's an unattended body immediately to the left of your starting position. Before you do anything else, grab the card next to the body; otherwise, a cop will pick it up instead. If you're quick, you can drag the body to the car to hide it immediately. A cop is approaching from the right, so there's no time to bag the body. If you use this method you'll have to clean up a little extra blood, but ultimately it's a negligible amount.

Next, take some time to clean up the blood to the right of your starting position. You've got enough time to do so before any cops wander nearby. Once you're done, keep moving to the right and pick up another card on the ground next to a parked car.

Move up and to the left, and you'll see a ramp that lets you access the second floor. At the top is a large piece of evidence; pick it up and bring it to the right-hand side of the garage. You may need to duck behind the nearby cars for cover, as you'll be walking into a patrol route.

Once you reach the far side of the parking garage, you can go down the opposite ramp – be sure to pick up the key lying on the ground as well. Interact with the driver's door of the car blocking your path, and it will move out of the way; you can now use the ramp freely to move between the two floors. Drop off the evidence in your car, being careful to avoid the cop patrolling near the bottom of the ramp, then save.

Wait for the cop to walk out the door at the bottom of the ramp, then clean up the remaining blood from the first body. If you need to make a quick getaway, use one of your cards to open the barrier to the south and leave the crime scene for a bit.

Now that you have multiple passages between both floors, you can choose to clean the top or bottom level in whichever order you like.

Bottom Level

With most of the blood in the parking area cleaned up, it's much easier to navigate the lower level by leaving the building and using the street. You won't be noticed by the police if you're outside the building, as long as you aren't doing anything suspicious like carrying a body.

Go to the right-hand side of the building. There's a body by the dumpsters, and a back door into the garage office where a piece of evidence lies. Wait until nobody's looking, then wrap up the body and vacuum the blood. The office can be used for hiding, but be warned that the cop patrolling this area passes through that room; your best bet is to immediately go through the opposite door back into the garage and either hide under the truck to the left or sneak back out to the street.

When the coast is clear, carry the body through the office to the garage, picking up the evidence in the office along the way. Drop the body off at your car and clean up any remaining blood, and the lower floor is clear.

Top Level

Most of the cleaning that still needs to be done on the top level is on the south and west sides of the garage. The two officers patrolling upstairs give that area pretty large gaps in coverage, so once they pass you'll have plenty of time to get rid of all the blood in the area. Moving along the southern edge of the building, you'll find two bodies and one each small and large evidence. The southernmost body is the trickiest to move; wait for the detective to walk past it, then quickly drag it to the right side of the red sports car. As long as you stay low, the officer coming from the left won't see you. Once he passes, pick up the body and rush toward the ramp.

If you miss the small piece of evidence to the right of this body, it can easily be retrieved later.

You can easily use the same pattern to remove the body and the shotgun at the top of the ramp that was formerly blocked by the SUV, clearing the top floor.

Gang Hideout (Lati, 1994)

Lati's mission starts with a piece of evidence that can be easily retrieved; go through the door just left of your starting position and pick up the item inside, then immediately return to the car and save.

Next, sneak up the ramp with the police car and start cleaning up blood. There's a single officer patrolling clockwise; if he spots you, run down the ramp and to the right to find an area where Lati can use her free-running skills to easily get away. When the cop isn't looking, grab the body and get it back to the car.

If you're having trouble cleaning blood because of the cop, try tagging the area off to the left, near the ladder and the dumpster. This should distract him long enough when he sees it for you to finish your work and move on.

If you're able to clean up all the blood on the bottom level, the game will consider it enough to qualify for finishing the mission. This means you can avoid making noise on the more-heavily patrolled upper levels of the hideout.

Upper Level – Left Side

Return to the room near your car where you found the first piece of evidence. Use the planks to cross to the other side, and move the dumpster to unblock the door. There's a ladder just outside and to the left that you can use to reach the roof.

At the top of the ladder, a ramp to your left leads to a body and a cop. Hide under the ramp until the cop comes down to your level, then slip behind him and up the ramp to collect the body. While you're waiting, it can be helpful to move the dumpster blocking the ramp to your right so that you don't have to do so later.

You'll need to be lightning-fast to get the body out before the cop returns; a better strategy is to clean up the blood if necessary, then climb up the ladder on the right. There's a piece of evidence that you need to collect there anyway, and the cops won't follow you.

Wait on the roof for the cop to leave the area with the body again, then grab it and carefully follow him. Duck behind the pile of trash until he turns around, then take the body down the ramp that was blocked by the dumpster. You'll find yourself in the first area; all that's left to do is get the body past the cop here and drop it off.

Upper Level – Center

The ladder to the right of the first body makes for an easy route to reach the centermost evidence piece, a bloody cinderblock. At the top of the ladder, wait for the cop patrolling the catwalk to move to the left, then climb up, grab the cinderblock, and flee. You'll need to throw the cinderblock over the roof edge and climb down to it, since you can't climb ladders while holding it.

Upper Level – Right Side

From the street, walk all the way to the right and climb the metal stairs. At the top, there's a piece of big evidence – a backpack – to the right that's easily retrieved. There's one cop patrolling just north of the stairs, so as long as he doesn't notice you can get the backpack with little incident.

Once the backpack is dropped off, return to the area and use the stairs against the north wall to reach a body in the corner. The cop patrolling this area is tenacious, so drop the body and run if he sees you. Use the stairs to bring the body all the way down to ground level, then drop it off.

Sin Bin Nightclub (Hal, 1993)

When Hal arrives at the nightclub, things already look grim – there are two police cars out front, and the first thing you see upon opening the door is a dismembered limb. Clean up the blood, then either put the limb in the car or carry it to use as a weapon. Hal can knock cops out by throwing big evidence and limbs at them, but of course this will alert any other cops who find them.

Go down the stairs into the nightclub proper. A cop patrols the entrance area, so it's a good idea to use Cleaner Sense to locate him before entering the room. Either knock him out or wait for him to leave to the left, then clean up the blood in front of the bar.

If you left the cop alone, you can hide behind the bar when he comes back; take the evidence on the right-hand side while you're back there. Cops faint if they see Hal cutting up a body, so you can knock the patroller out by jumping out and using your chainsaw on the corpse just in front of the bar. If you time it right, you can also cause the cop coming from the right to faint at the same time. Once they get back up, though, they'll shoot to kill if they see you again.

After knocking out a cop, you can lock him in the bathroom stalls to the left. You only have a short window to do this, but it makes your job much easier.

Drop off at least one limb at the car, then come back downstairs. If the cops are alerted, they'll be searching the bar area – likely with guns drawn. Leave the other limb and the blood for now and sneak to the bathroom on the left. You should be able to cut up the body and clean up the blood without interference, then move the limbs out of the building when the cops aren't looking.

Once the bodies in the bathroom and bar area are clear, use the pay phone in front of the club to call for backup. Lati will arrive behind the club, giving you a new drop-off point at the top of the stairs in the upper-right corner.

Return to the club and hide behind the bar. The room behind you has a cop that occasionally enters, carrying a key. Throw a limb or slam a door in his face to knock him out, then steal the key. If you can manage it, he's a great candidate for locking in the bathroom since that will make it easier to navigate the back rooms of the club. Otherwise, close the right-hand door and use your new key to lock it behind you.

The stairs to your right lead to Lati's car; the door just south of them is a lounge with evidence, a body, and a cop. Wait for the cop to leave through the right-hand door, then grab the evidence. You can either carry the body up to Lati, or wait for the cop to return and cut it up as soon as he opens the door to make him faint. The former option is much less risky; if you knock the cop out, you can stash him in the cello case just outside the right-hand door, but beware of his partner patrolling the same area.

Past the lounge is the stage in the lower-right corner of the building. This will be tough to clean without interruptions, especially if you've alerted the cops by the bar or in the lounge. Save the guitar on the stage for last and throw it at any cops who try to interfere. Once the bodies, blood, and evidence are removed, the building should be clear, and you can make your getaway; note that you'll have to use your own car to escape.

After escaping the nightclub, you'll play through some of Hal's backstory in scripted scenes, then return to the present to choose your next character.

Arcade (Erin, 1995)

This main entrance to the arcade is crowded with bystanders, so open the vent to the left of your starting position to create a more discreet entry point. You'll emerge near an air hockey table that also serves as a convenient hiding spot if you can't quite reach the vent. The cops will arrive once you're in the building, so clean up the blood on the left and wrap up the body before they reach their positions.

Don't try moving the body just yet – the cops coming in through the main entrance are all but guaranteed to see you.

While the cops are still entering the building, move to the left and grab the evidence on the floor. Go up the stairs quickly, avoiding the notice of the cop to the left. Before he arrives at the back of the building, grab the big evidence by the couches and unscrew the nearest vent cover. You can use the vent as a hiding place until the cop moves on.

Once she passes, go to the area she just came from – you'll find a small piece of evidence and a body in the corner. Pocket the evidence and unscrew the vents nearby, then start making your way back to the entrance to drop off the gun.

Always re-enter the arcade through the vents – it's much safer than using the main entrance.

Central Area

The center body you wrapped up earlier is the riskiest to move, since the shortest route is up the main staircase. Position the body at the bottom of the stairs, then wait in the vent until the officer at the top walks off to the left. You should have just enough time to get the body out of the building and close the door behind you before he turns around.

Left Side

The easiest way to clean the body in the corner is to enter the building via the vents, then use the hacking terminal at the bottom of the left-hand staircase. Turn on the big screen on the wall to distract the cop, then sneak past her. Wrap the body and start moving it southward when she isn't looking.

Watch out for the cop patrolling near the pinball room – drop the body and run for the vents if there's even a chance he'll see you. If he goes to investigate the corpse, you can take the opportunity to wrap and move the body in the pinball room instead, and come back for your original prize later.

For both bodies, drag them along the wall through the pinball room. Look for a hacking terminal left of the main entrance – you can use it to create distractions while you get the corpses out the front door.

Right Side

The body to the right of the main area has a straight shot to the main entrance, but is closely watched. You can hide in the vent right next to the body until you have a chance to move it. Instead of going straight to the entrance, drag the body up the stairs to reach the area above you. On the very end of the platform, you can toss the body over the railing and jump down after it. While you're here, toss the laptop over the railing as well so that you can easily retrieve it.

If you need to distract cops to make your escape, this upstairs area also has a hacking terminal which can be used to draw attention away from the entrance.

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