Sega Reveals New "Fog Gaming" Program, Which Will Use Arcade Machines Somehow

Thanks to some Japanese-language news sources, we now know the nature of the big Sega reveal that was teased for last week’s Famitsu. The publisher is working on some kind of initiative that it’s dubbed “fog gaming.” While it’s not exactly clear what that is–or if it’s comparable to cloud gaming services like Google Stadia–according to analyst Serkan Toto, it will likely involve using the guts of arcade machines during off-hours. They’ll be good for more than just playing Dig-Dug and Street Fighter now.

Given that arcades are far more common in Japan than elsewhere, it’s unclear how much of an impact that this service could have in the Americas or Europe.

Sega also announced a new console for Japan, the miniaturized throwback Game Gear Micro. The extremely tiny console will come in four different color options, each with its own set of games. The console will launch on October 6 in Japan, and there’s no word on a release in the West. Still, if you’ve ever wanted OutRun literally in the palm of your hand, this might be your best bet.

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