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Did you ever have dreams when growing up of being able to explore huge worlds in Virtual Reality? If you've seen Spielberg's Ready Player One then there's a good chance you're curious about the applications of this tech.

Whether it's being able to watch a sporting event as if you're in the front row, playing games, or goodness knows what else , Virtual Reality has become much more versatile in recent years – and much more affordable, too.

There are a few options for those looking to jump into Virtual Reality, so we've offered up a suggestion for each budget – we think this kind of magical experience deserves to be enjoyed by all.

One quick note before we begin – despite early mentions of VR compatibility with the Xbox One X, there's no VR capabilities on any Xbox Console. Similarly, while Nintendo offers Labo VR its utility is limited so we've missed it off our recommendations list. That said, you can buy it from GAME here .

Without further ado, here's our picks for the best VR headset for all budgets.

Samsung Gear VR

Starting at the low-end, the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is ideal if you have a Samsung phone. Developed in partnership with industry leader Oculus, you simply plug your phone in and you're ready to explore VR.

As you can imagine, it's not as impressive as a bespoke headset, but offers a relatively inexpensive way to see what all the fuss is about.

Carphone Warehouse is offering the headset at £119.99 .

PlayStation VR

Another headset predicated on owning another piece of hardware, the PlayStation VR connects to either your PS4 or PS4 Pro and offers some incredible games.

You can play critically acclaimed titles like Borderlands 2 in VR, as well as exclusives like the amazing Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. Some games require the Move controllers which are sold separately – you can find those from Argos here .

Sony recently announced a new PlayStation VR starter kit, and it's definitely the best place to start. It includes the headset and associated cables and camera, Resident Evil 7, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Skyrim, Everybody's Golf VR and PlayStation VR Worlds.

You can also swap out Resident Evil and Everybody's Golf for Wipeout and Doom VFR in another bundle. Both can be picked up from Amazon for £299.99 .

Oculus Quest

Arguably one of the more magical products on this list, the Oculus Quest is wireless. Yes, it's just a headset, and doesn't require a phone, PC, or PlayStation.

Couple this with the ability to track your movements around a room AND the included controllers, and you can really play something pretty insense like Beat Saber wherever you are.

The Oculus Quest comes in two different varieties – one with 64GB of storage and another with 128GB. Prices start at £399 over at Amazon .

Oculus Rift S

Another headset from Facebook-owned Oculus, this is their premiere headset. Unlike the Quest, it does need to be connected to a computer to be able to work, and you'll need a fairly powerful computer to use it.

If that's not a problem though, you'll find a lot to love. Oculus still offers arguably the best range of games, apps, and experiences in VR, so you'll have plenty to do. It also offers much higher graphical fidelity than the Quest for a similar price, so is worth picking up if you have a powerful PC.

The best price we've found is £399 – once again at Amazon .

HTC Vive Pro

The old saying of "you get what you pay for" holds true with HTC's high-end offering. While their cheaper Vive headset will likely fulfill many VR enthusiast's needs (best price is £499.99 at Argos ), the Pro is arguably the most impressive headset around.

For the higher price, you get 1440p resolution in each of the screens, and improved comfort over the standard Vive.

It'll cost you £749.99 at Amazon , but it'll future-proof your VR expeditions.

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