Sea Of Thieves: Everything You Need To Know About Season Five

Rare has dropped its season five update to Sea of Thieves, and it is chock full of updates. After Rare's implementation of the Pirates of the Caribbean quests and items, fans are more excited than ever to see what else the game has to offer.

Season five dropped on December 2, 2021, and it contains loads of holiday content and new gameplay additions. Plus, we get even more Pirates of the Caribbean content to enjoy. There's so much to unpack from this season. Fortunately, this article has a quick breakdown of every new feature in Sea of Thieves Season Five.

You Can Bury Treasure Now

One thing that has been absent from Sea of Thieves for far too long is the ability to bury your treasure. Well, now you can, and it creates a whole new gameplay mechanic. Every time you bury some treasure, you will automatically create a treasure map.

These maps will help you find your treasure. Or they can be posted on a Quest Board for other pirates to find. Don't worry. Letting other players search for your treasure will give you an even bigger reward.

Quest Boards

Speaking of Quest Boards, they are a new addition to Outposts and Seaposts. Here, you can find new quests or other players' treasure maps, perfect for quickly starting a brand new adventure.

As mentioned before, if you return your treasure maps to a quest board, another player can take them and search for your buried treasure. When they successfully discover and take your loot, you will receive an equal reward and renown.

Fireworks And Flares

It is time to celebrate the addition of Fireworks and Flares. These add ons are self-explanatory but note that flares can help you warn other players or call for help. These explosives are a fun new element to Sea of Thieves and look gorgeous at night.


You can finally sit in Sea of Thieves. There is no gameplay benefit to sitting down, but it does look pretty chill. It is just another little detail that Rare has added to Sea of Thieves to make it more immersive.

You can sit pretty much anywhere, so go all out with it. Some great places to sit could be the ship's plank, a captain's chair, or even on the beach. You are a pirate, so working hard is for losers, and sitting is for winners.


Feeling tired or low on health, make sure you find a bed to restore some of your health. Yes, you can finally catch some shut-eye in Sea of Thieves. Sleeping will slowly restore your health, and that is pretty much it. Still, it is a handy little feature and makes beds helpful.

Whisper Horn

One cool feature Rare thought up is the whisper horn. All it requires is turning your horn around so you can focus your voice on one player specifically.

It is perfect for sneaking up on other players. It's a clever way of adding a second use to your horn and makes the in-game voice chat more dynamic.

New Battle Pass

There are a hundred new items that you can unlock for free. These are mostly cosmetic items and will give you loads of customization options. It is not often that Battle Passes are free, so this is fantastic. It will take a while to unlock every item, so you better get started on completing this battle pass soon.

Even More Cosmetic items

In addition to the Battle Pass, you can unlock Emissary and Emporium items — more cosmetic items. These have different unlock requirements, but they are rather unique looking so are bound to be coveted items. Be sure to check these items out as well.

Captain Barbossa Outfit And Other Pirates Of The Caribbean Items

If you thought the last update was the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, then you thought wrong. Season Five has even more Pirates content for you to enjoy, including a Captain Barbossa Outfit.

The other cosmetics range from new weapons to a new animal companion. The animal is the famous mutinous dog, so be careful bringing this little guy on board.

New Emotes And Equipment Skins

If you like taking photos with your crew, you can now use the Say Cheese emote to strike the perfect pose. If you prefer to play music with your gang, you can now use the chilled instruments. Both are tiny updates, but still fun nonetheless.

Tree Outfit

Speaking of cosmetics, one free cosmetic that you will get as soon as you log in is the tree outfit. This outfit is horrendous looking and fits the definition of uncool perfectly.

That said, if you want a holiday outfit, this is the easiest one to equip. You'll look like a Christmas tree sailing the seven seas, but sometimes the holiday spirit is more important.

Three New Shantys

There are three new songs for you to play with your crew. These new shanties are the Ballad of the Mer, Row Row Row Your Boat, and Infernal Gallop. While you sail around this season, make sure you listen to these three new tunes.


I do not believe anyone asked for this, but it might be one of the best additions to Sea of Thieves. You will now spot rats running around your ship, mostly below deck.

If you notice the rats running up the stairs to the main deck or notice more rats on the main deck, it means that there is a hole in your hull that needs fixing. It is a subtle detail, but a cool one.

Quality of Life Improvements

One great thing Rare has focused on this season is quality of life improvements. You will notice new inventory mechanics, more ammo drops from enemies, and improved loot markers while at sea. These improvements to the game demonstrate Rare's commitment to improving Sea of Thieves.

Mouths Finally Move When You Speak

Your pirate's mouth will finally match your voice when you speak. This feature only applies to the in-game chat but makes Sea of Thieve more immersive. This feature has been a long-requested one, and fans will be happy to know it is in the game now. No longer will you will your voice come from nowhere when you boss your crew around.

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