Scrabble fans are up in arms over mobile app as EA loses licence

A new mobile app called Scrabble Go is already making fans nostalgic for the days when EA were in charge of the franchise.

EA have been cast in the role of villain many times, when it comes to abuse of licences and disreputable use of microtransactions, but Scrabble fans have discovered there can be much worse.

The existing Scramble game from EA will be discontinued on 5 June, as they’ve now lost the licence to rival Scopely, who make a variety of licensed mobile games involving the likes of WWE, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, and Yahtzee.

Scrabble Go is their newest but despite having been downloaded more than 10 million times there’s already a petition to have the licence returned to EA.

Admittedly, a petition with a goal of five thousand signatories isn’t much against 10 million downloads and a four-star rating on Google Play but the people that hate it really hate it.

The problem is that rather than the sedate, relaxing game that it used to be, Scrabble Go has been turned into a more generic mobile game with Candy Crush style animations and rewards, incessant ads, and microtransactions.

‘I want to play traditional Scrabble, please. I don’t want silly graphics and things popping up all over the place. Give us the straightforward challenging word game we have loved for decades’, says Heather Stephenson in the petition comments.

‘The old game was brilliant. The new one is a disaster – gimmicky, flashy, poor board, no dictionary, loads of adverts, user unfriendly. Ditch it now!’, adds Lindsay Gray.

Given how expensive the licence must be there’s very little chance that EA would be brought back, unless there was a serious dip in Scrabble Go’s number of players.

The best hope is that Scopely will realise they’ve upset older players, who want a more uncomplicated game experience, and will offer an alternative version just for them.

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