Scarlet & Violet’s Villainous Team Will Be Team Star

Today's Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer introduced us to several locations found in the Paldea region, including Victory Road, the Pokemon League, and Starfall Street, home to the "rebellious students" of Team Star. And it's clear that trainers will be facing off against Team Star more than once on their journey to become a Pokemon Master.

Team Star takes up the mantle of Scarlet & Violet's villainous group, a tradition that stretches all the way back to the very first Pokemon games' Team Rocket. However, Team Star's motivations remain largely unknown. The trailer showcases several Team Star Grunts, who don't seem to be happy with the protagonist just wandering through their base of operations. There are a lot of Grunts wearing helmets and daredevil-style goggles, but we don't know why they'd need such protection.

We do know the leader of Team Star's Fire Crew. Mela is revealed on the back of a giant monster truck covered in blasting speakers, light balls, and a massive stage. Mela directs her Pokemon to attack from above while a smaller platform allows her Pokemon to fire spin to the trainer below.​​​​​​ Her rock star motif is clear, but Mela's motivations beyond causing a ruckus for the player remain shrouded in secrecy.

The other locations showcased in today's trailer seem much more straightforward. The Path of Legends story path will feature locations called the Lairs of the Titans, where trainers will meet the Stony Cliff Titan, a massive new Pokemon called Klawf. This rocky crab will certainly use Rock Punch to defend its territory, although we're not certain what other attacks this claw-ful giant might unleash.

And finally, the Pokemon League looks to follow in the footsteps of all past Pokemon games by providing one final challenge before a trainer can be crowned Pokemon Champion. Geeta looks to be a smart and iridescently dressed chairwoman of the Paldea Region's Pokemon League, and will surely be a worthy opponent in your eventual showdown.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet arrives November 18 only on the Nintendo Switch.

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