Sayonara Wild Hearts Is Coming To Xbox One

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced that Sayonara Wild Hearts is coming to Xbox One on February 25. The pop album video game originally launched on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in September last year.

Developed by Swedish studio Simogo, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a surreal music-based action game about a young woman with a broken heart. Backed by a custom-written pop soundtrack, you’ll ride motorcycles and skateboards, dance battle, and break hearts at 200mph.

Kallie Plagge awarded it 6/10 in GameSpot’s review, saying, “On repeat playthroughs, I found myself getting more and more used to Sayonara Wild Hearts’ quirks and better appreciating each level as I gained the muscle memory for them. Only a few hit me like Dead of Night did, and those levels are stellar. But the rest are either forgettable or somehow discordant, whether because of movement issues or strange timing. I wanted to get lost in the daydream it presented, but I kept getting ripped back to reality, just a bit more melancholic than when I started.”

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