Sam Barlow’s Immortality Is Coming "Very Soon" To Netflix Subscribers

Sam Barlow's newest game has been setting the critics talking, with the FMV title being called an exemplar of its genre and attaining very high scores. It currently has a score of 92 on both Xbox Series X and PC on Metacritic.

We at TheGamer are also fans. In our review, we scored Immortality 4.5/5 with our features editor Andrew King crediting it with an "excellent, sprawling script" and it "perfectly recapturing the look of each era". Now, those with Netflix subscriptions will soon be able to play the critically acclaimed Immortality at no extra cost.

On Immortality's official Twitter account, it was announced that the game will be coming "very soon" to Apple and Android devices via Netflix (thanks Polygon). While there's no launch date yet for this version of the game, the developer Half Mermaid explained that it is "taking some extra time on our mobile release to ensure it's the best possible experience for Netflix members around the world".

If you didn't know, and it seems that there still many Netflix users who don't, the movie and TV show streamer also has video games available via its service, which is a shame considering that there are some very good games on there, such as Into The Breach and Before Your Eyes. To access the games, you need to download the Netflix app onto your iOS or Android device. After that, you open the app and scroll down to the Netflix Games section.

But the slightly irksome part is that you need to "Get Game" by downloading the game you want to play via Apple's app store or Google Play except Netflix will direct you to the revelant page and you'll get it for free of course. Once the game is downloaded, you'll find it in the Netflix Games section of the app.

As for Immortality players watch clips of long lost movie star Marissa Marcel to uncover the mystery of what happened to her. Praise has been directed towards actress Manon Gage for her performance as Marcel while the game has a clear David Lynch influence. The depictions of different time periods is also very authentic and well done. Netflix subscribers will soon have the chance to play Immortality for free via the Netflix app.

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