Saint’s Row Patch Will Add Garages, Pedestrians, And Fix Collectibles

When Saints Row released back in August, things didn’t exactly go as planned. There were bugs, of course, but there was also a general feeling that the city of Santo Ileso was kind of empty. There just wasn’t enough to do, weren’t enough people, and worst of all, not enough places to stash your stolen vehicles while you run from the cops.

But to their credit, Saints Row developer Volition promised to fix their broken baby, and today they delivered. A new update was just submitted for approval that contains "over 200 fixes, improvements, and new features. It’s a beast!"

That update will be coming later this month, but Volition gave us a little preview over Twitter. Starting with cooperative play, the update will improve connectivity between players, mini-map issues, and ensure that mission rewards are properly handed out. "Fun with a friend in Santo Ileso should be a much smoother experience going forward," wrote Volition.

Challenges and collectibles were another big complaint in Saints Row, with many players reporting their challenges/achievements weren’t unlocking despite meeting their requirements. The upcoming patch will fix that and retroactively award those challenges to players that have acquired them.

Saint Ileso is about to get a little more crowded. The update will increase the pedestrian and police count, but also make it a little easier to lose your notoriety level. It also makes collectibles easier to find.

The biggest part of the update (other than bug fixes) will be quality-of-life improvements. Combat is getting an overhaul to be "more fun and more rewarding in terms of progression." Seven new garages will be placed around Saint Ileso, and new District tiers will put more Saints roaming the streets. Haptics will be re-enabled on PS5 DualSense triggers, and there’s going to be a new pitch slider for voices. Finally, expect UI improvements across the board.

Stay tuned to the Saints Row Twitter to see when the update drops later this month.

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