Sable Gets A New Trailer, Releases September 23

The highly anticipated indie adventure Sable, being developed by Shedworks, finally has a release date which was revealed during today’s Guerilla Collective live stream. The game is planned to launch on September 23 2021 – just a few short months away.

The game was showed off during the Guerilla Collective livestream, which is currently airing alongside multiple other livestreams happening throughout the week, close to Summer Games Fest and E3. It’s a good season to be a gamer.

The game will be launching on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle, and GOG, in addition to Xbox consoles. There is currently no confirmation of a launch on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation systems.

Sable has impressed players with its visuals at every showing, so this will definitely be a popular release from the publisher Raw Fury.

The new trailer is just shy of two minutes long, and shows us various aspects of Sable’s world, including humble farmers, factories, and valleys of giant skeletons. We still don’t know much about Sable’s story, but the striking cel-shaded visual style and fascinating environments are enough to get gamers invested in Shedworks’ latest project.

The trailer also showcased some light platforming and puzzle elements, like what you might expect from The Legend of Zelda. It’s definitely one that has had a spotlight shone on it recently, and deservingly.

We only have to wait three months for the September 23 release date, but Nintendo Switch and PlayStation gamers will be disappointed to find that no release date – or port – has been confirmed thus far. It’s possible that Microsoft ensured Xbox console exclusivity, but we’re not aware of any deals like that yet.

Make sure to keep reading TheGamer for more on all of the conferences, and we’ll have a full breakdown of everything shown during the Guerilla Collective stream at the end of the show.

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