RuneScape Teases Upcoming 20th Anniversary Event On January 4

RuneScape is celebrating 20 years of adventure in 2021, and Jagex is already starting to tease the events we can look forward to in the coming months. A cryptic tweet from the official RuneScape account is telling players they are “invited to the RS20 Grand Party” on January 4.

Nothing else is mentioned, but if the last anniversary event is anything to go by, you can expect a ridiculous amount of new content and rewards. Five years ago when the game turned 15, Jagex went all-out with the celebration. The main event was located near Falador, where you could pick up a free anniversary party box that provided you with a medium XP lamp and a medium bonus XP star. There were also 15 statues – one for each year of RuneScape’s existence – scattered across Gielinor, which granted special dances, emotes, and other exclusive items.

Players were even treated to special balloon drops that took place every 30 minutes, and popping these balloons revealed a variety of items – from bonus XP stars and small XP lamps to party hat fragments and thousands of coins. Pop enough of them and you were given a 15th Anniversary Tunic and Anniversary Balloon.

You can check out the teaser announcement below:

Twenty years on the market is an incredible achievement for an MMORPG, and we’re excited to see what the game has planned next. Both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape continue to thrive, adding new events, skills, and bosses on a regular basis. In fact, Old School RuneScape might be more popular now than anytime in its storied history.

We’ll be connecting with the RuneScape team later this month, getting an in-depth look at the events planned for the Grand Party, discussing the game’s past, and looking at content yet to come. Check back as we close in on 2021 to read the full interview and see what’s planned for the big anniversary event.

RuneScape’s Grand Party begins on January 4, celebrating 20 years of point and click action.

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