RuneScape Player Counts At The "Highest Levels We’ve Seen In Over Five Years"

According to the latest post from Jagex, RuneScape is more popular now than any time over the past five years. 2020 saw the largest peaks for both daily players and active members in recent history, likely due to its appearance on Steam and the constant flow of new weekly content.

Mod Warden took to the RuneScape blog to offer a look back on the miserable year that was 2020. In the world of Gielinor, however, things couldn’t be better. “As we close out 2020, I have some really, really great news to share,” said Mod Warden. “This year, the number of daily players and active members has peaked at the highest levels we’ve seen in over five years. The member population is growing, thanks to a continual stream of returning players and brand new adventurers.”

Mod Warden then goes on to say that these players are staying around more than ever before and providing the team with useful feedback to help move the game in new directions.

Folks setting foot into RuneScape seem to be enjoying their time, as its sitting at 94% positive reviews on Steam over the last 30 days. Mod Warden also points out that Jagex was able to pump out over 50 weekly releases this year – all while keeping the servers stable and limiting downtime. At the time of writing, the official RuneScape website notes that over 280 million accounts have been created and the current player count is over 125,000.

Not bad figures for a game about to turn 20.

Several years ago, RuneScape faced its first big challenge after revamping the combat system. RuneScape went from a simple point-and-click operation to a more traditional MMO experience, giving players different skills and hotbars to manage. Some players weren’t keen about the changes – and so Old School RuneScape was born. Despite the split in player population, it seems that both games continue to thrive, and we’re excited to see where its 20th anniversary takes us.

RuneScape’s Grand Party is scheduled to kickoff on January 4, celebrating 20 years on the market – check back in the coming weeks for more info.

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