RuneScape Gives An Extended Look At Its Reworked Avatars

Jagex is in the process of refreshing RuneScape’s avatars and has finally given the community a firsthand look at its progress. A recent livestream went into detail about the makeover, providing us with our first good look at the rework – although a firm release date wasn’t given.

The hour-long stream touched on all aspects of the rework, with the mods discussing the end goal of the project, why they’re working on the redesign in 2021, and offering a closeup comparison between the current and future avatar models. There’s a lot of good content in the video – which, thankfully, is broken up into easily digestible segments – but just getting to see the new avatars in action is probably enough for most of the fanbase. You can check out the livestream below:

As is usually the case with these sorts of changes, Jagex wants your feedback before officially patching anything into the game. Mod Hooli said the team is checking all RuneScape forums on a regular basis, and the team is listening to what you have to say.

The rework is currently on step three of five when it comes to implementing the new avatars into the full game. The Preparation and Ideation phases have already been completed, and now Jagex is working on the Proof of Concept phase. This entails testing the new avatar models with all the animations in the game, as well as ensuring they will be compatible with all other assets that are staying the same. Once that’s been ironed out, it’s onto the Production phase and then – at long last – Delivery.

RuneScape has been putting up impressive numbers over the past year, and has seen a renewed interest since launching on Steam. The game has pulled in over 10,000 reviews on the platform and currently has a “Very Positive” rating. Old School RuneScape is set to launch on Steam later this month, although it might not be the best way to experience the old school magic. Still, it’s bound to bring the nostalgic world to a new audience, and it’ll be interesting to see how it impacts the overall player population.

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