Rune Factory 4 Special: Harvest Festival Guide

The Harvest Festival is one of the many festivals that you can take part in over the course of a Rune Factory 4 year. It occurs four times over the year – once per season and always on the 28th day. With some foresight, it's also one of the easiest festivals to master.

And the prize for mastering the festival is nothing to sniff at, either! With this guide, you'll be sure to score the best rewards every time the 28th rolls around.

How The Harvest Festival Works

Every season on the 28th day, the Harvest Festival will take place. The goal of this festival is to submit the best homegrown produce, whether it's a crop, a flower, or a mushroom. Fruit cannot be entered. To enter the festival, simply hand over your chosen produce to Volkanon in Selphia square after 11:00. The produce will then be judged on a number of parameters:

  • The length of time it takes to grow. Produce that takes longer to grow is worth more points.
  • The level of the produce. Higher leveled produce garners more points.
  • Whether the produce is seasonal. Produce that is in season will earn more points: for example a Turnip in the Spring Harvest Festival.
  • Whether the produce is giant. Giant produce earns more points. Check out our guide to growing giant produce here.

After that, you are asked to appeal your crop. This involves three prompts that have three possible answers each. These answers are all the same, and there is always a correct answer to pick for the most points.

Once you have appealed three times the points are added up and the winners are announced. You will get an amount of Recipe Bread no matter how well you do, but second place will net you a random piece of equipment, and first place with net you a random piece of equipment and a permanent status boost item.

The table below contains the correct and incorrect answers for every possible NPC that you may have to appeal to.

Character Correct Answer Incorrect Answer
Amber It totally is! Not really.
Mine's filled with love. Mine's fertilized.
Arthur Guts. Love
I'll tell you later. Just hard work. No secret!
Bado Sell it? Pfah! No chance. A million G. No haggling.
Uh, yeah, I mind! Let me think about it.
Blossom [Your produce's name.] [Anything else.]
I did. I found them in secret.
Clorica You bet! I was tossing and turning.
Dolce Speaks for itself, no? My farm is the best!
I love them. Not really.
Doug *Let him nibble* *Tease him*
You sure did. Stop your crazy mumbling.
Dylas *Let him eat it* *Tease him*
*Get closer and try again* *Poke*
Forte Let's try it together! Erm…
Its taste. Its appearance.
Illuminata The culprit is among us! *Confess casually*
I overcame it with love. Not at all.
Jones How about one for Nancy? It's good for your health.
I'd stake my life on it. I AM A GOD.
Kiel [The correct growth time] [An incorrect growth time]
You're goin' DOWN! Mine stands no chance…
Leon Look before you judge! Glad you agree!
What if it's a kiss? Give me money.
Lin Fa Daily care. I dunno, it just… grew!
It's delicious, too! Ehh, it's not THAT big.
Margaret *Tell a romantic story* *Just say whatever*
That's a good idea! I don't care.
Nancy It'll help, I'm sure. You have medicine. Use it.
I love you, veggies!
Porcoline How could I not?! Oh… oh GOD no!
Are you, now? Then go home.
I love you too. My heart knows only crops.
Vishnal Every day! Most of the time.
Barely. Ugh, you don't wanna know.
Xiao Pai Well, it is organic… How unlucky!
Hard work every day. I'm not telling!

Here are some tips on absolutely securing that first-place prize:

  • Use seasonal produce and try to make it a giant one if you can. These provide flat point bonuses so they're usually more valuable than a few extra levels or days spent growing.
  • Kiel and Blossom may both ask a question that doesn't have a static answer. Make sure you know the following details about your crop in case they show up.
    • Kiel may ask you how long it took to grow your submission. Pick the correct number of days for an in-season example.
    • Blossom will simply ask you to name the produce you submitted.
  • The absolute best crops for each season are as follows:
    • Spring: Big Blue Crystal
    • Summer: Big Green Crystal
    • Fall: Big Red Crystal
    • Winter: Golden Tyrant Turnip
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