Rune Factory 4 Special: Complete Guide To Forging

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In Rune Factory 4, it is very important to keep your equipment up to date. Both your weapons and your farming tools need to be upgraded regularly if you want to have an edge on the game's rate of progression, with stronger enemies and larger farms to contend with.

Enter the Forge. Rather than buying new equipment, Rune Factory 4 will have you making your own. With just a few ingredients and a whole lot of Rune Points (RP), you can get the latest, greatest weapons and tools that you need.

Forge Basics

The Forge is acquired quite early on in the game by following the tutorials on the Request Board. This request will have you purchasing a Forge from Bado for the price of 3,000 Gold, 30 Lumber, and 25 Material Stone. Once purchased, you can place it and use it anywhere.

When using the Forge, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to make a weapon, make a tool, or upgrade an existing weapon. You can make weapons or tools using recipes that you can learn by eating Weapon Bread or Farming Bread respectively. This bread can be purchased from Porcoline's restaurant.

It is possible to forge something without having learned the recipe, however. If you guess a recipe correctly or use a guide, you can make something before the game tells you about it. There are downsides to this, however:

  • If the recipe is too highly leveled, it has a chance of failing. If it is ten or more levels higher than your forging skill level it will always fail.
  • Making a recipe that you do not know will cost a lot more RP than if you knew the recipe. Luckily, guessing a recipe correctly adds it to your recipe collection.
  • Recipes that are a higher level than your forge skill level will also cost more RP to attempt, even if you 'know' them.

Failing to forge something will produce Scrap Metal, an item with few uses.

If, when forging, the recipe has spare slots, you may put items into these slots. Depending on the items used the weapon may gain extra stats or special effects such as an elemental alignment or a status effect.

Upgrading Weapons

You can upgrade a weapon up to ten times. Upgrading a weapon involves taking an item and forging it into the weapon, adding stats and sometimes special effects. You can check the effects of an item in its description, which will also tell you the difficulty level of the item.

Upgrading a weapon follows the same rules as forging. If the item's difficulty level is higher than your forge skill level there is a chance that the upgrade will fail. In addition, the upgrade will cost a lot more RP.

When you first upgrade a weapon with a particular item, the weapon will gain the item's full effect. If you then forge more of that item into the weapon, the effect will not be as potent.

For example:

  • If you forge Bronze onto a Zweihaender, it will gain +4 Defense.
  • If you then attempt to forge a second Bronze onto the Zweihaender, it will only gain +2 Defense for a total of 6 Defense.

From this, we can see that it is far better to forge a range of different items onto a weapon if you want to upgrade it efficiently.

Weapon Recipes

There are eight classes of weapons in Rune Factory 4 and each of them has a bevy of recipes to learn and use. These recipes use a combination of specific items and required item classifications. To illustrate this, let's take two Short Swords – the Cutlass and the Aqua Sword.

  • The Aqua Sword's recipe is a lump of Silver and an Aquamarine. You can only use these two items to make this sword.
  • The Cutlass's recipe requires a Bronze and then any Claws and Fangs item. This means that while you must use a Bronze in the recipe, the second item can be any item that comes under the Claws and Fangs category. It could be a simple Insect Jaw or even an Ivory Tusk.

In these recipes, we have put item classifications in italics. This means you can use any item of that classification. You can find an item's classification in the first line of their description box.

Click the links in this table to jump to a particular weapon type.

Short Swords Long Swords Spears Axes
Hammers Dual Blades Gloves Staves

Short Sword Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Broadsword 1 Minerals
Steel Sword 3 Minerals, Claws and Fangs
Steel Sword+ 4 Steel Sword, Minerals
Cutlass 7 Bronze, Claws and Fangs
Aqua Sword 15 Silver, Aquamarine
Invisiblade 16 Invisible Stone, Claws and Fangs, Crystals
Defender 19 Sapphire, Claws and Fangs
Burning Sword 20 Gold, Fire Crystal
Back Scratcher 20 Glue, Sticks and Stems
Gorgeous Sword 23 Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold
Spoon 25 Silver, Silver
Gaia Sword 27 Gold, Earth Crystal, Rigid Horn
Snakesword 30 Diamond, Claws and Fangs
Veggieblade 32 Carrot
Luck Blade 35 Diamond, Scorpion Pincer, Claws and Fangs
Platinum Sword 38 Platinum, Silver, Claws and Fangs, Sticks and Stems
Wind Sword 40 Platinum, Silver, Wind Crystal
Chaos Blade 42 Platinum, Gold, Magic, Holy Spore
Sakura 44 Platinum, Paralysis Poison, Poison Powder, Cherry Grass
Sunspot 46 Platinum, Gold, Warrior's Proof, Fire Crystal, Ruby
Durendal 50 Platinum, Platinum, Malm Claw, Devil Horn, Ambrosia's Thorns
Aerial Blade 54 Orichalcum, Lightning Mane, Wind Crystal, Emerald, Claws and Fangs
Grantale 59 Orichalcum, Yellow Feather, Earth Crystal, Amethyst, Cursed Doll
Smash Blade 64 Orichalcum, Pirate's Armor, 4-Leaf Clover, Chimera's Claw, Claws and Fangs
Icifier 68 Orichalcum, Icy Nose, Water Crystal, Aquamarine, Claws and Fangs
Soul Eater 70 Orichalcum, Dangerous Scissors, Love Crystal, Legendary Scale, Earth Dragon Ash
Raventine 74 Orichalcum, Orichalcum, Golem Spirit Stone, Fire Crystal, Earth Dragon Ash
Star Saber 77 Orichalcum, Golem Spirit Stone, Wind Crystal, Emerald, Electro Crystal
Platinum Sword+ 79 Platinum Sword, Dragonic Stone
Dragon Slayer 82 Dragonic Stone, Dragonic Stone, Black Scale, Blue Scale, Glitter Scale
Rune Blade 85 Dragonic Stone, Earthwyrm Scale, Rune Crystal, Claws and Fangs, Sticks and Stems
Gladius 90 Dragonic Stone, Earthwyrm Scale, Small Crystal, Throne of the Empire, Claws and Fangs
Rune Legend 99 Rune Sphere Shard, Dragonic Stone, Rune Crystal, Green Core, Wind Dragon Tooth

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Long Sword Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Claymore 2 Minerals
Zweihaender 6 Minerals, Claws and Fangs
Zweihaender+ 11 Zweihaender, Bronze
Great Sword 16 Bronze, Liquids
Sea Cutter 21 Silver, Aquamarine
Cyclone Blade 25 Gold, Emerald
Poison Blade 27 Gold, Silver, Poison Powder
Daicone 28 Radish
Katzbalger 29 Gold, Silver, Rigid Horn
Earth Shade 30 Gold, Silver, Black Bird Feather, Earth Crystal
Big Knife 32 Diamond, Claws and Fangs, Sticks and Stems
Katana 35 Diamond, Magic, Claws and Fangs
Flame Saber 39 Diamond, Gold Wolf Fang, Fire Crystal
Bio Smasher 40 Platinum, Paralysis Poison, Poison Powder, Pom-Pom Grass
Snow Crown 42 Platinum, Gold, Water Crystal, Aquamarine
Dekash 42 Tuna
Dancing Dicer 43 Platinum, Dragon Fang, Dragon Bones
Flamberge 45 Platinum, Platinum, Magic Claw, Thunderbird Feather, Big Bird's Comb
Flamberge+ 46 Flamberge, Malm Claw
Volcanon 48 Devil Horn, Fire Crystal, Ruby, Chimera's Claw
Psycho 50 Devil Horn, Malm Claw, Dark Crystal, Rafflesia Petal
Shine Blade 52 Orichalcum, Platinum, Light Crystal, Sapphire
Grand Smasher 55 Yellow Feather, Earth Crystal, Ambrosia's Thorns, Earth Dragon Ash
Belzebuth 58 Ammonite, Devil Blood, Dark Crystal
Orochi 63 Queen's Jaw, Grimoire Scale, Scales, Scales, Strings
Punisher 68 Dangerous Scissors, Tablet of Truth, Minerals
Steel Slicer 73 Orichalcum, Orichalcum, Golem Spirit Stone, MTGU Plate
Moon Shadow 76 Glitter Scale, Light Crystal, Earth Crystal, Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur
Blue-Eyed Blade 79 Dragonic Stone, Orichalcum, Blue Core, Claws and Fangs
Balmung 84 Dragonic Stone, Tablet of Truth, Golem Tablet, Claws and Fangs
Braveheart 89 Dragonic Stone, Earthwyrm Scale, Love Scale, Light Scale, Sapphire
Force Element 91 Firewyrm Scale, Green Core, Red Core, Yellow Core, Blue Core
Heaven Asunder 92 Rune Sphere Shard, Dragonic Stone, Water Dragon Ash, Fire Dragon Ash, Earth Dragon Ash
Caliburn 99 Rune Sphere Shard, Wind Dragon Tooth, Dragon Fin, Earthwyrm Scale, Firewyrm Scale

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Spear Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Spear 3 Minerals
Wood Staff 6 Sticks and Stems
Lance 9 Minerals, Sticks and Stems
Lance+ 12 Lance, Bronze
Safety Lance 13 Ghost Hood, Sticks and Stems
Pitchfork 14 Wolf Fang, Fodder, Sticks and Stems
Needle Spear 15 Bronze, Wolf Fang, Sticks and Stems
Trident 18 Silver, Sticks and Stems
Water Spear 21 Silver, Aquamarine, Sticks and Stems
Halberd 25 Gold, Sticks and Stems
Corsesca 27 Gold, Rigid Horn, Sticks and Stems
Corsesca+ 29 Corsesca, Black Bird Feather
Poison Spear 30 Diamond, Poison Powder, Sticks and Stems
Fivestaff 34 Diamond, Scales, Scales, Sticks and Stems
Heavy Lance 37 Platinum, Gold, Sticks and Stems
Feather Lance 38 Platinum, Silver, Thick Stick, Wind Crystal, Feathers
Pine Club 40 Pineapple, Sticks and Stems
Iceberg 41 Platinum, Platinum, Thick Stick, Water Crystal, Aquamarine
Blood Lance 43 Platinum, Cursed Doll, Thick Stick, Magic Claw, Devil Blood
Magical Lance 47 Devil Horn, Cursed Doll, Puppetry Strings, Round Stone, Crystals
Flare Lance 49 Platinum, Devil Horn, Proof of Rank, Fire Crystal, Dragon Bones
Brionac 51 Orichalcum, Light Crystal, Sapphire, Lightning Mane, Sticks and Stems
Poison Queen 55 Orichalcum, Orichaulcum, Poison King, Holy Spore, Poison Powder
Monk Staff 57 Orichalcum, Turnip's Miracle, Glitta Augite, Sticks and Stems
Metus 60 Orichalcum, Queen's Jaw, Cursed Doll, Legendary Scale, Sticks and Stems
Silent Grave 65 Orichalcum, Dangerous Scissors, Crystal Skull, Shards, Sticks and Stems
Overbreak 69 Blue Scale, Left Rock Shard, Right Rock Shard, Grimoire Scale, Sticks and Stems
Bjor 74 Melody Bottle, Holy Spore, Orichalcum, Small Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Belvarose 76 Dragonic Stone, Ambrosia's Thorns, Tablet of Truth, MTGU Plate, Sticks and Stems
Gae Bolg 81 Dragonic Stone, Orichalcum, Grimoire Scale, Black Scale, Moving Branch
Dragon's Fang 86 Earthwyrm Scale, Big Crystal, Rune Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Gungnir 91 Dragon Fin, Green Core, Earth Dragon Ash, Fire Dragon Ash, Sticks and Stems
Legion 99 Rune Sphere Shard, Firewyrm Scale, Dragon Fin, Light Ore, Sticks and Stems

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Axe Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Battle Axe 6 Minerals, Claws and Fangs
Axe 9 Cheap Axe, Minerals
Battle Scythe 13 Bronze, Claws and Fangs
Pole Axe 16 Wolf Fang, Bronze, Sticks and Stems
Pole Axe+ 20 Pole Axe, Silver
Great Axe 23 Gold, Claws and Fangs
Tomahawk 28 Silver, Emerald, Silk Cloth, Claws and Fangs
Lollipop 28 Butter, Apple
Basilisk Fang 30 Gold, Paralysis Poison, Claws and Fangs, Claws and Fangs
Rock Axe 32 Gold, Silver, Giant's Gloves, Earth Crystal
Demon Axe 35 Diamond, Scorpion Pincer, Devil Blood
Frost Axe 42 Platinum, Dragon Fang, Big Crystal, Water Crystal, Aquamarine
Crescent Axe 46 Platinum, Chimera's Claw, Devil Horn
Crescent Axe+ 47 Crescent Axe, Warrior's Proof, Proof of Rank
Heat Axe 53 Orichalcum, Fire Crystal, Ruby, Fire Dragon Ash
Double Edge 65 Big Giant's Nail, Queen's Jaw, Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur
Alldale 69 Orichalcum, Orichalcum, Dangerous Scissors, White Stone, Yellow Core
Devil Finger 73 Love Scale, Legendary Scale, Water Dragon Ash, Fire Dragon Ash, Earth Dragon Ash
Executioner 81 Dragonic Stone, Golem Spirit Stone, Light Ore, Chimera Tail, Dark Crystal
Saint Axe 98 Rune Sphere Shard, Light Crystal, White Crystal, Small Crystal, Big Crystal

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Hammer Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Battle Hammer 3 Minerals
Hammer 7 Cheap Hammer, Minerals
Toy Hammer 8 Sticks and Stems, Cloths and Skins
Bat 9 Bronze
War Hammer 11 Bronze, Shards
War Hammer+ 15 War Hammer, Liquids
Iron Bat 18 Bat, Silver
Great Hammer 22 Silver, Shards
Ice Hammer 26 Gold, Aquamarine, Shards
Bone Hammer 31 Gold, Giant's Gloves, Shells and Bones, Shells and Bones
Strong Hammer 33 Diamond, Stones, Scales, Strings
Flame Hammer 36 Diamond, Fire Crystal, Ruby, Shards
Gigant Hammer 38 Platinum, Gold, Silver, Shards
Sky Hammer 40 Platinum, Wind Crystal, Emerald, Thunderbird Feather
Graviton Hammer 49 Grimoire Scale, Earth Crystal, Minerals
Spiked Hammer 50 Left Rock Shard, Right Rock Shard, Claws and Fangs, Sticks and Stems
Crystal Hammer 57 Orichalcum, Crystal Skull, Big Crystal, Shards
Schnabel 60 Orichalcum, Ammonite, Blue Core, Shards
Gigant Hammer+ 71 Gigant Hammer, Golem Spirit Stone, Orichalcum, Small Crystal
Kongo 77 Strong Stone, Dragonic Stone, Small Crystal
Mjolnir 86 Earthwyrm Scale, Dragonic Stone, Small Crystal, Rune Crystal
Fatal Crush 90 Wind Dragon Tooth, Throne of the Empire, Dragonic Stone, Dragonic Stone, Dragonic Stone
Splash Star 99 Rune Sphere Shard, Wind Dragon Tooth, Dragon Fin, Earthwyrm Scale, Firewyrm Scale

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Dual Blade Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Short Dagger 5 Minerals, Minerals
Steel Edge 9 Iron, Iron, Bronze
Double Scratch 12 Back Scratcher, Back Scratcher
Frost Edge 13 Aquamarine, Aquamarine, Liquids
Iron Edge 21 Iron, Iron, Silver
Thief Knife 23 Silver, Silver
Acutorimass 23 Silver, Silver, Iron, Iron
Wind Edge 25 Emerald, Emerald, Palm Claw
Gorgeous Lx 28 Gorgeous Sword, Gorgeous Sword
Steel Katana 30 Gold, Gold, Black Bird Feather
Twin Blade 32 Gold, Gold, Rigid Horn, Rigid Horn, Paralysis Poison
Rampage 33 Diamond, Diamond, Gold Wolf Fang
Salamander 35 Diamond, Diamond, Fire Crystal, Cheap Propeller
Platinum Edge 37 Platinum, Platinum, Dragon Fang, Dragon Fang
Sonic Dagger 39 Platinum, Platinum, Emerald, Emerald, Thunderbird Feather
Twin Leeks 39 Leek, Leek
Chaos Edge 40 Platinum, Platinum, Quality Propeller, Quality Propeller, Holy Spore
Desert Wind 44 Malm Claw, Wind Crystal, Earth Crystal, MTGU Plate
Broken Wall 48 Left Rock Shard, Right Rock Shard, Earth Crystal
Force Divide 51 Orichalcum, Fire Crystal, Water Crystal, Red Core, Blue Core
Heart Fire 54 Fire Dragon Ash, Fire Dragon Ash, Yellow Feather, Fire Crystal
Orcus Sword 57 Turnip's Miracle, Earth Dragon Ash, Earth Dragon Ash, Glitta Augite, Glitta Augite
Deep Blizzard 63 Icy Nose, Icy Nose, Water Crystal, Water Crystal
Dark Invitation 68 Dangerous Scissors, Blue Lion Fur, Red Lion Fur, Legendary Scale, Dark Crystal
Priest Saber 72 Dangerous Scissors, MTGU Plate, MTGU Plate, Light Crystal, Light Crystal
Efreet 74 Red Core, Crimson Scale, Golem Spirit Stone, Fire Dragon Ash, Fire Dragon Ash
Dragoon Claw 76 Dragon Fang, Blue Scale, Glitter Scale, Grimoire Scale, Small Crystal
Emerald Edge 79 Dragonic Stone, Green Core, Green Core
Rune Edge 87 Dragonic Stone, Rune Crystal, Rune Crystal
Earnest Edge 90 Dragonic Stone, Earthwyrm Scale, Earthwyrm Scale, Glitta Augite, Glitta Augite
Twin Justice 99 Rune Sphere Shard, Firewyrm Scale, Dragon Fin, Fire Dragon Ash, Water Dragon Ash

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Glove Recipes

Weapon Level Recipe
Leather Gloves 2 Cloths and Skins
Brass Knuckles 10 Bronze, Cloths and Skins
Kote 16 Iron, Palm Claw, Cloths and Skins
Gloves 20 Quality Cloth, Fur (only M will do), Strings
Bear Claws 28 Gold, Cloths and Skins
Fists of the Earth 30 Gold, Rigid Horn, Earth Crystal, Cloths and Skins
Fists of Fire 33 Diamond, Fire Crystal, Cloths and Skins
Fists of Water 38 Platinum, Water Crystal, Aquamarine, Cloths and Skins
Dragon Claw 42 Platinum, Dragon Fang, Scales, Cloths and Skins
Fists of Dark 46 Malm Claw, Dark Crystal, Cursed Doll
Fists of Wind 50 Malm Claw, Wind Crystal, Chimera's Claw
Fists of Light 53 Orichalcum, Light Crystal, Light Crystal, Big Crystal
Cat Punch 57 Orichalcum, Quality Worn Cloth, Yellow Feather, Big Bird's Comb, Chimera's Claw
Animal Puppets 60 Turnip's Miracle, Rune Crystal, Puppetry Strings, Furs, Furs
Ironleaf Fists 64 Orichalcum, Crimson Scale, MTGU Plate, Ironleaf, Ironleaf
Caestus 69 Orichalcum, Dangerous Scissors, Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur
Golem Punch 75 Orichalcum, Golem Spirit Stone, Golem Tablet, MTGU Plate, Shiny Screw
Hand of God 82 Dragonic Stone, Chimera Tail, Ambrosia's Thorns, Small Crystal, Cloths and Skins
Bazal Katar 90 Dragonic Stone, Earthwyrm Scale, Firewyrm Scale, Crystal Skull, Cloths and Skins
Fenrir 99 Rune Sphere Shard, Rune Crystal, Red Lion Fur, Blue Lion Fur, Broken Ice Wall

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Staff Recipes

As elements are so important to Staves we have included them in the recipe table.

Weapon Level Element Recipe
Rod 2 Fire Sticks and Stems
Basket 4 Love Strings, Strings, Cloths and Skins
Amethyst Rod 6 Earth Amethyst, Sticks and Stems
Aquamarine Rod 8 Water Aquamarine, Sticks and Stems
Sweet Potato Staff 10 Love Sweet Potato, Sticks and Stems
Friendly Rod 13 Love Love Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Love-Love Rod 15 Love Friendly Rod, Love Crystal, Love Crystal, Love Crystal
Staff 16 Earth Magic Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Emerald Rod 18 Wind Emerald, Sticks and Stems
Silver Staff 21 Dark Silver, Sticks and Stems
Flare Staff 22 Fire Fire Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Ruby Rod 23 Fire Ruby, Sticks and Stems
Elvish Harp 24 Love Strings, Sticks and Stems
Sapphire Rod 26 Light Sapphire, Sticks and Stems
Earth Staf 28 Earth Earth Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Syringe 29 Water Silver, Furs, Sticks and Stems
Lightning Wand 30 Wind Wind Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Ice Staff 31 Water Water Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Diamond Rod 33 Dark Diamond, Sticks and Stems
Wizard's Staff 35 Light Magic, Sticks and Stems
Mage's Staff 40 Earth Platinum, Sticks and Stems
Shooting Star Staff 43 Light Fairy Elixir, Golem Stone, Sticks and Stems
Hell Branch 49 Dark Skull, Warrior's Proof, Proof of Rank, Devil Horn
Crimson Staff 50 Fire Red Core, Fire Dragon Ash, Devil Horn
Bubble Staff 53 Water Blue Core, Water Dragon Ash, Orichalcum, Sticks and Stems
Gaia Rod 56 Earth Yellow Core, Earth Dragon Ash, Yellow Feather, Sticks and Stems
Cyclone Rod 60 Wind Green Core, Grimoire Scale, Turnip's Miracle, Sticks and Stems
Storm Wand 65 Wind Mealy Apple, Electro Crystal, Orichalcum, Sticks and Stems
Rune Staff 70 Light Rune Crystal, Rune Crystal, Crimson Scale, Sticks and Stems
Mage's Staff+ 76 Love Dragonic Stone, Orichalcum, Love Scale, Love Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Golden Turnip Staff 80 Love Golden Turnip, Sticks and Stems
Magic Broom 82 Wind Ancient Orc Cloth, Moving Branch, Rune Crystal, Big Crystal, Strings
Magic Shot 85 Love Earthwyrm Scale, Melody Bottle, Rune Crystal, Small Crystal, Sticks and Stems
Hell Curse 87 Air Moving Branch, Dragon Fin, Cursed Doll, Crystal Skull, Small Crystal
Algernon 91 Earth Moving Branch, Ambrosia's Thorns, Wind Dragon Tooth, Charm Blue, Lamp Grass
Sorcerer's Wand 99 Light Rune Sphere Shard, Dragon Fin, Rune Crystal, Small Crystal, Moving Branch

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Farming Tool Recipes

Forging a new farming tool works in the same way as weapons. Some recipes will have item classifications listed in italics instead of specific items and for those, you can use any item of that classification. You can check an item's classification on the first line of its description box.


Tool Level Recipe
Cheap Hoe 5 Minerals
Sturdy Hoe 15 Bronze
Seasoned Hoe 30 Silver
Shiny Hoe 45 Gold
Blessed Hoe 80 Platinum


Tool Level Recipe
Cheap Waterpot 5 Minerals, Cloths and Skins
Tin Waterpot 15 Bronze, Cloths and Skins
Lion Waterpot 30 Silver, Cloths and Skins
Rainbow Waterpot 45 Gold, Cloths and Skins
Joy Waterpot 80 Platinum, Cloths and Skins


Tool Level Recipe
Cheap Sickle 5 Minerals, Shards
Iron Sickle 15 Bronze, Shards
Quality Sickle 30 Silver, Shards
Super Sickle 45 Gold, Shards
Legendary Sickle 80 Platinum, Shards


Tool Level Recipe
Cheap Axe 5 Stones, Sticks and Stems
Chopping Axe 15 Bronze, Stones, Sticks and Stems
Lumber Axe 30 Silver, Stones, Sticks and Stems
Mountain Axe 45 Gold, Stones, Sticks and Stems
Miracle Axe 80 Platinum, Stones, Sticks and Stems


Tool Level Recipe
Cheap Hammer 5 Minerals, Sticks and Stems
Iron Hammer 15 Bronze, Minerals, Sticks and Stems
Silver Hammer 30 Silver, Minerals, Sticks and Stems
Golden Hammer 45 Gold, Minerals, Sticks and Stems
Platinum Hammer 80 Platinum, Minerals, Sticks and Stems

Fishing Poles

Tool Level Recipe
Cheap Pole 5 Sticks and Stems, Strings
Beginner's Pole 15 Bronze, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Skilled Pole 30 Silver, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Famous Pole 45 Gold, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Sacred Pole 80 Platinum, Sticks and Stems, Strings

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