Rollerdrome: All Green Bay Mall Challenges

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This section of the game has the player revisiting familiar locales, but with a whole host of novel iterations. So then, it shouldn't be a surprise that Rollerdrome has us skating through a second mall stage. We even see the return of the games most difficult challenge type: time clearing challenge.

Related: Rollerdrome: All Eiger Resort ChallengesGreen Bay Mall is also our introduction to a new enemy type: the brutal stomper. Thankfully, this is also the first stage where we get to take advantage of one of the game's most potent weapons. Follow this guide, and we will show you how to stomp the stompers.

Green Bay Mall Layout

Par Time 5:05
Grunts 4
Snipers 3
Warheads 4
Riot Guard 4
Polybeam 3
Mecha Brut 3
Stomper 4
Total Enemies 29

Green Bay Mall is a multi-tiered arena. So, while the ground-floor is where you will be doing most of your killing and skating, there is a second floor that will frequently host a whole cadre of ranged killers that wraps around the stage. There is even a quarter-pipe wedged up here. This is another super fun Rollerdrome stage, but make no mistake, some of these challenges can be pretty dang tough.

All Green Bay Mall Challenges

The first thing to note about these challenges is that they are going to have you skating all around the mall, from top to bottom. So, you are going to have to do a bit of tricky platforming. There is also a challenge or two that will help you deal with the new content. However, the clear focus has to be on that clear time challenge. As, much like it was in the previous mall stage, it is among the hardest challenges in the game.

Perfect Dodge the STOMPER's Stomp Attack

At this point in the game, you are almost certainly a Perfect Dodge master. This attack isn't any different from the others. The stomp attack will have an indicator that will show up on the ground. When the indicator turns white: dodge. This challenge is just here to inform you that this attack is a thing.

Eliminate 5 House Players using Z-11 Full-Power Shots

Here is a challenge that is going to show you just how freaking amazing your Z-LL gun is. This weapon charges up and fires at a great distance. In fact, distance isn't even a factor. It will go where ever you fire it. A Full-Power Shot of the Z-11 will take out Snipers and Warheads. So, whenever you are aware of one, enter into Focus Time and fire away. It is also an excellent way of taking down Stompers. Though it only takes them out in one shot if you are in Super Reflex Time.

Eliminate a ground-level House Player while grinding on the top level

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Just get up to the top level, grind the railing, and kill an enemy on the ground-floor from above. While this challenge doesn't specifically call for you to use the Z-11, you would be a fool not to.

Perform a 50-50 Grind

This is a surprisingly simple challenge given all the others. Just… grind any grindable surface with your 50-50 grind trick (perform by pressing left, right, and then the grind button).

Where To Find All 5 Combo Tokens

Okay, right at the beginning, where you enter the mall, there will be a Combo Token hovering above the ramp behind you. The next Combo Token is close by, sitting above a ramp on your left. Now, head toward the second floor. On your right, you will see another Combo Token hovering above a ramp. Grab that and grind the escalator up.

Once you get to the second floor, you will see a Combo Token in between two ramps on your right. Now, air up onto the higher ramp, and continue along this section until you encounter a giant gap. Now grind the rail across the gap and you will see a shootable wall (like in the Houston Mall Stage). Shoot that wall down to use it as a ramp to launch yourself onto the wall to your left. Finally, wallride into the final Combo Token.

How To Finish In Less Than 2:50

Thankfully, this challenge isn't as rough as the Houston Mall equivalent was. While you may be looking at the second floor and start sweating, remember, you have a long-range sniper rifle-esque weapon now. So, instead of having a "route" that you have to play to, you can, more or less, circle the ground floor, and just ride up ramps to pick off the Polybeams and Snipers that show up above.

There are a few things you are going to have to take into consideration, though, Firstly, you will need to pop up to the second floor at some point after taking out the first Riot Guard, and the first two Warheads. As a Riot Guard and a Grunt will appear up here and you won't be able to get a clean shot on them from the ground floor. However, once you clear them out, you won't need to return to the top floor again until you are near the end of the stage (you will know to pop up here once again when you see a Mecha Brut strutting around)

Next, you will sometimes have your Z-11 shots ricochet off of the hand-rail when you are shooting at Snipers and Polybeams from below. So, that is why you are going to want to ride up ramps in order to get a better shot at them. If you do this, you can aim for their heads and you won't have any of your shots deflected by the environment.

Lastly, you are going to need to pop that Super Reflex Time constantly. So, make sure to keep a Sniper and a Riot Guard hanging around, as you can farm them for Super Dodges to help enter into this enhanced mode. Oh, and don't let the Stompers live. If you see them, take them out with your Z-11. They are too much of a threat to ignore.

How To Beat Morgan Fray’s All-Time Best Of 740,000

Once again, we are combining the single combo challenge and the Morgan Fray score challenge into a single entry, as they are so closely linked at this point. Stringing all the kills together will essentially guarantee that you beat Fray's score, but we are also going to give you some tips on how you can optimize the run and boost that score even higher.

Finish the run in a single Combo

With the ability to now hit your enemies from across the screen (using your brand new Z-11), being able to string every kill together into a single combo has become considerably easier. Your emphasis should be on removing enemies that you can't take out with a single fully-charged Z-11 shot. So, that means Mecha Bruts, Polybeams and Stompers are your focus. If you see one, make killing them your priority.

That being said, Polybeams and Stompers can be killed by a fully charged Z-11 shot if you are in your Super Reflex Time. So, take advantage of land mines and Snipers to make that happen. Especially with Polybeams. They will scatter around the top floor in this stage. Which is a total nuisance. So, fish for a Super Dodge before you take them out.

At least with the Stompers a fully charged Z-11 shot will stun them, making the follow-up kill easy. So, Super Reflex Time isn't as much a priority with them, just get them out of there as quickly as possible. Beyond that, just like in the speed-run, you are going to spend most of your time on the ground floor. You only need to go to the second floor to clear our a Riot Guard or two. Your Z-11 is your friend, here.

Optimizing For Score

When optimizing for score the biggest difference is that you are going to want to get up to the second floor. That means that you are going to transition up to the high-up ramp to the right (just past the escalator) and skate around the perimeter. It is a bit of a hassle, but we need to get that Combo Token (for more info, check out the Combo Token section above) if we want the highest possible score.

While you are up here, make good use of all the different grindable railings. You are going to want to use a nice variety of grind-based tricks. While you are grinding, use your Z-11 to take out enemies on the ground floor. Once you get the combo token, proceed as you normally would. As per usual, we want to keep the easy-to-get Combo Tokens (and a few Grunts if possible) for the end.

Then, once there is nothing but Grunts left, use high-value tricks to grab the remaining Combo Tokens. Once all the Combo Tokens are gone, perform tricks while taking out grunts to keep your combo going. Follow this strategy to end with millions of points.

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