Rogue Company: A Complete Guide To Dahlia

If a support role fits your playstyle in Rogue Company, then Dahlia is your girl. She can be unlocked for 20,000 Reputation or for 700 Rogue Bucks, making her one of the more expensive Rogues to acquire. However, her loadout and traits make her very desirable to players as it is rare to enter a match without at least one Dahlia in the game.

While she is one of the strongest characters, she is also one of the more confusing to learn how to use. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you succeed with Dahlia in Rogue Company!



  • Objection (SMG)
  • MX-R (DMR)


  • Executioner (Pistol)


  • Katana


  • Smoke Grenade: Releases a thick cloud of smoke, and upgrading it will also reduce enemy movement speeds
  • Grenade: Creates a deadly explosion that will down any enemy within two meters


  • Shredder Rounds: Carry extra ammunition and increase damage to equipment
  • Cloaked: Cannot be revealed by enemies
  • Tenacity: Less damage is taken from explosives
  • Stalker: Aim down sight movement speed penalty is removed
  • Lifeline: Revive teammates more quickly and their health regeneration begins immediately
  • Replenish: When you down an enemy your weapon is reloaded and your ammo is replenished

Shopping Strategy

What you choose in the shop entirely depends upon your playstyle, as her weapons make her great for both close-range and long-range fights which is probably why she is not free. If you are someone who likes to push up then you should go with the SMG, while those who prefer to sit back and play more of the support role should consider buying the DMR.

You should buy your primary in the first round, but then it is more up to your own playstyle. The one perk that you should try to buy in round three is Lifeline, as this way you can revive your linked teammate even faster.


  • Active: She links with an ally for a round, and it allows her to revive the linked player if they are within 30 meters of her.
  • Passive: Obtains the passive trait of the linked Ally, except for Vy.

How To Use Them

Who you choose to link with can vary based on your playstyle, as their passive ability is given to you. Some are better for the support role, like Dallas or Saint, while more aggressive players should link with Lancer.

Her active ability is easy to use as anytime a linked player goes down, you just have to revive them. There is no rhyme or reason as to when you should use it otherwise, but it is best if they are behind cover before attempting a revive.

Counters Against Them

Dahlia doesn’t have many weaknesses, except for the fact that other players can see who she is linked to in a match. A smart opponent will key in on the link and ensure they always thirst the linked player if they down them. It is also good to note the link as well so you can understand her passive and defend against it in a match.

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