Rockstar Games does not think single-player is dead says owner Take-Two

Despite the lack of single-player expansions for GTA 5, Take-Two are insistent that single-player is still important to Rockstar Games.

When GTA 4 was released in 2008 its multiplayer elements were only a minor part of the game and the main DLC released for it was two massive single-player expansions. But by the time GTA 5 came around the industry had changed, and so far there have been no story expansions at all.

Instead, GTA Online has received over 40 free updates, many of which can be played on their own, but all of which are part of the online multiplayer experience. According to Strauss Zelnick though, CEO of Rockstar parent company Take-Two, fans shouldn’t think that means anyone has given up on single-player.

‘There was a time when a couple of our competitors were taking the position that single-player was dead. We never took that position’, he said as part of a recent investor call.

‘We know that there’s a role for a single-player. I believe there will be a role going forward,’ added Zelnick.

‘There are certain games that are meant to be only multiplayer experiences. Rockstar is known for storytelling, and yes, Rockstar is also known for these fantastic open world experiences,’ he said. ‘They clearly do both really well.’

At first it’s tempting to take this comments as a hint towards the recently announced GTA 6, or even the oft-rumoured Bully 2, but it Zelnick was actually alluding to new GTA Online update The Contract, starring Dr Dre.

It’s not single-player content as most people would think of it, but that’s the example he gave when answering investor questions, following the company’s latest financial results.

Many fans had begun to worry that the next Grand Theft Auto game, which hasn’t been confirmed to be called GTA 6, would be solely a multiplayer experience but while there’s no guarantee that’s not the case Zelnick’s comments do give hope, for both future Rockstar games and the rest of Take-Two’s portfolio.

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