Rocket League Modder Swaps The Cars For Super Mario 64

A Rocket League modder has swapped the game's cars for Mario, complete with his moveset from Super Mario 64.

The main appeal of Rocket League has always been being able to take control of a beefy car and boost around an arena after a massive football, twirling and flipping through the air like a ballerina. But what if you got rid of those cars altogether and replaced them with the most famous face in gaming?

Considering that both Rocket League and Super Mario 64 put a lot of focus on their movement systems, it makes more sense than you might think. Twitch streamer and former Super Mario 64 speedrunner SerialBocks seems to have realised the same thing, as he's working on a mod that does just that, and swaps the rocket-powered cars for Mario from Super Mario 64.

SerialBocks shared a video of the mod in action on his Twitter account. The video shows him playing Rocket League on his own, but controlling Mario from Super Mario 64 instead of a car, complete with his Wing Cap, diving, triple jumping, rubbish little kicks, and constant wahooing. The mod is even more impressive because it appears to be a total conversion of how Mario controls in Super Mario 64, rather than just a skin that makes the car look like him.

It's not just one player that can choose to play as Mario either, as SerialBocks took to Twitch to stream some footage of the mod in action with a friend who is also playing as Mario. The only thing that seems to be missing from the moveset is any kind of ability to boost, but SerialBocks replied to a comment to confirm it's in the works, "Hey thanks! That's good advice, it doesn't work yet but it's the next thing I wanna add after addressing stability issues".

It's not clear if the mod will be made available for public release, but SerialBocks has already invited some Rocket League players to try out the multiplayer with him, so it seems likely that more people are going to get their hands on it. Just don't tell Nintendo.

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