Roblox: 10 Best Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses, sometimes known on Roblox as Obby courses, are one of the longest-lasting types of games that people continue to play every day. It's not hard to understand why when you consider all the things that users can make and do with obstacle courses, whether it be adventure maps, minigames, or even parodies of popular television shows.

But because it's one of Roblox's staples, thousands of different games have come and gone over the years, with a majority of them not offering much new content. However, there are still quite a few that really shine through the rest for their unique interpretation and fun yet challenging gameplay.

10 Barry's Prison Run

One group on Roblox has been making a bunch of short yet quality first-person adventure maps for everyone to enjoy. Out of all of them, Barry's Prison Run has to be the best for its great twist on a typical obstacle course complete with dungeons, bosses, and even an easy and hard mode difficulty option.

The only downside is that while it is great fun to complete, it is very short in length, and the entire story structured around escaping a prison becomes obsolete about five or ten levels in. Despite that, it's plenty of fun, and the creator comes out with new adventure maps monthly.

9 Mega Easy Obby

Over time there is always a new type of Obby that defines itself as the easiest to complete or the hardest to complete with some number of stages in the hundreds or even sometimes the thousands. It's often one of the ways that new players are introduced to obstacle courses on Roblox and makes players want to seek out more.

But, they're often very dull or lack a lot in the creativity department. The most vital points about them are the fact that they keep your attention and often tease powerups to make the experience faster. That does not mean they're not fun to play, though, and Mega Easy Obby is no exception. It nails the experience entirely and makes jumping around fun for everyone. If you want to check out some other major Obby courses, here are codes and some alternatives to play.

8 Teamwork Obby

If you've ever played a normal Obby but hated that they're not challenging enough or that you can't play with friends, then Teamwork Obby will make the experience ten times better. Just as the name implies, it's a normal Obby, but one player is blue, and the other is red, and you absolutely must work together to complete the course.

There are well up to thirty levels to complete with all ranges of difficulty from easy to impossible. So, if you have friends or want to try completing something with a random person, this is a nice challenge that will make you think about Roblox's mechanics to complete courses.

7 Guess The Logo

While Guess The Logo isn't a traditional obstacle course, it's still a very challenging experience for many young or old players. There are plenty of challenges where you must guess in chat what something is, whether it be Minecraft characters, flags of countries, video games, or even different types of emojis.

The game is constantly updating, with there right now being 14 different floors with challenges and obstacle courses for people to enjoy. Many of them are easy or medium difficulty, but if you want, you can try to take on hard or impossible-difficulty ones.

6 The Floor Is Lava

A classic game like The Floor Is Lava is remade in Roblox but with a challenge to make it more appealing to a broader audience. Typically, a survival-like game like this would be to survive the lava by getting to a high place, which would be the end of the game.

However, the creator decided to put a spin on it and add obstacle courses to the maps to make it more exciting to run away from your impending doom. The obstacle courses are plenty of fun and add a level of variety and challenge to the many plain obstacle courses that plague the platform. With added special bonuses you can buy in-game, it's sure to become your favorite.

5 Most Fail Impossible Obby

One of the trends that have taken Roblox by storm in the past year has been Squid Game-related games that are made to let people replay some iconic parts of the show. And one of the biggest ones related to obstacle courses is the glass bridge challenge or, in this case, the Impossible Obby.

In this game, you and twenty to thirty other players all have to work together to get across a glass bridge that's around one hundred tiles in length. For an extra challenge, they're randomly generated after each map reset, and once you make your way towards the end, the tiles change automatically if no one is near them enough.

4 Obby Creator

So you've played obstacle courses made by other players, but have you ever built your own for other people to play? Well, that's precisely what Obby Creator lets you do; with the in-depth creator and controls, you can build as many unique creative obstacle courses as other players can play and rate.

On top of that, with the money you earn from creating your Obby, you can expand it with more obstacles, spinning parts, water, and plenty of other fun things. And if you really enjoy the creator, you'll be able to buy more advanced tools and extra space to create the perfect obstacle course.

3 The Dropper

The Dropper is a legendary map in many communities due to its first appearance as a community-made map in Minecraft. Since then, it has only grown into more communities, and Roblox is no exception.

It consists of falling from a height and avoiding obstacles to get to the bottom of the ground safely by landing in a teleporter to the next level. But what makes the version in Roblox so much fun is that there are well over one hundred levels, powers that can help you fall safely, and challenging difficulties only for those who think they can beat them.

2 Speed Run 4

If you've ever played the classic flash game Run, you'll understand why this series of games is so popular on Roblox. The goal is to go through thirty different levels and reach the end, where you can unlock new dimensions to run in even more demanding levels.

The best part about Speed Run 4 is that there isn't a limit to how many levels are in the game, with new dimensions unlocked, challenges to be beaten after collecting stars, and even extra content you can buy. And, when completing levels, you are given gems to unlock trails, music, and even more dimensions to keep the game fun.

1 Tower Of Hell

One of the best, if not the best, obstacle courses on Roblox is a game called Tower Of Hell. This game has been one of the top obstacle courses for several years now, and its attractiveness is how challenging the courses are, especially when put in a cramped space under a time limit.

However, many new players may find it way too hard due to the randomly generated levels and movement that requires you to take advantage of Roblox's unique buggy movement. And while you can get points for completing levels to buy powerups and other items to make it easier for yourself, it's hard to get to that point. But, overall, it's worth it for anyone wanting an enjoyable and challenging obby experience.

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