Riot Rolls Back VALORANT Patch 1.11

Riot Games has decided to roll back VALORANT patch 1.11, which just launched yesterday. The company announced their decision yesterday evening, calling the patch a “technical nightmare.” The patch brought in new agent Skye, who won’t be available for play until the patch is redeployed some time later this week.

Multiple bugs were reported in the hours that followed patch 1.11’s launch, including some issues with agents’ abilities not working as intended. Players reported Reyna’s blinds not working, and vision not being obscured by the fog usually present in Viper’s ultimate and Brimstone’s smokes. The “stuttering bug” that’s been affecting players for a while now was meant to be fixed as well, though some players are still reporting issues with it.

While bugs can often be remedied while the patch is still live, VALORANT patch 1.11 comes at a particularly busy time for Riot Games and professional VALORANT players. The First Strike qualifiers are going on right now, featuring some of the best teams in the game. Having multiple issues hitting servers while important professional matches are going on is certainly not ideal.

In response to the bugs, Riot has decided to roll back the patch, starting with North America, Latin America, and Brazil. Other regions in which the patch had not launched yet will be delayed as well. Riot assures that they will relaunch the patch once they have a solution and “can figure out a less disruptive time for the VALORANT First Strike Qualifiers.”

Patch 1.11 was meant to bring in the game’s newest playable agent, Skye. The Aussie Initiator has a couple animal sidekicks and a collection of abilities that will be helpful for any team. Skye will not be available to play until the patch gets redeployed.

Riot also assures players that progress made in this patch will be saved, and you’ll be able to continue where you left off once the patch is reinstated. If you already purchased Skye or started her character contract, you can continue playing her or working to unlock her when the patch returns.

The VALORANT First Strike qualifiers continue until October 30th in North America, with another beginning on October 31st in Brazil. First Strike regional finals will begin on December 3rd in all regions.

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