Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia Debuts at E3 2019, Arriving for VR Arcades December

Back in January ROTU Entertainment released the first details for its episodic location-based virtual reality (VR) project,  Rhythm of the Universe. For the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 this week the studio is giving attendees a chance to play the first instalment ahead of its launch later this year.

Called Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia, the new demo will give players a first glimpse into the mythology and lore which forms a core part of the experience.

“The saga begins with the creation of the universe as matter and time collide and reverberate into the origin of a rhythmic god like being, Pan,” explains ROTU Entertainment. “In this ultimate interactive storytelling experience, feel the power of music like never-before as you explore vivid landscapes, charismatic characters, and dynamic worlds generated through global rhythms that pulse before your very eyes.”

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia features two heroes, Allegra and Allegro, siblings from the land of Ionia who need to save the beloved creatures of the Ionian forest. You play Allegro, a boy with a world-shattering secret.

“For lovers of superpowers, fantasy, and epic stories. Rhythm of the Universe is a saga for all ages,” said Jason Parks, CEO of ROTU Entertainment in a statement. “We are designing ROTU to be fun and thought provoking. We are conscious of the issues our world faces and utilize the strengths and opportunities of VR to share a message of hope with everyone.”

Rhythm of the Universe will be a seven-episode series, with the studio forecasting that each episode will be released every six months. The first will be made available for licensing to VR arcades in December 2019. A consumer version is scheduled to happen in 2020, with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Oculus Quest previously mentioned.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Rhythm of the Universe, reporting back later in the week with a hands-on assessment of Ionia.

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