Retro-Bit (Sort Of) Brings The Nintendo 64 Controller To Switch

A recent Amazon listing has confirmed that retro gaming company Retro-Bit will be releasing a Nintendo 64 style controller compatible with the original console and other platforms. The controller, an updated version of the Tribute64, features an improved design from the original Nintendo unit as well as the expansion packs for memory cards and rumble paks much like the original model. Now available for pre-order, the controller will retail for $24.99 upon release in April.

Retro-Bit has been leading the retro forefront for some time, making some of the best third-party controllers in the market that have that old school feel. Their fantastic six-button Genesis controller is a must for owners of the Genesis Mini, and their retro consoles have been a mainstay in most mom-and-pop video game stores for those who can’t track down a functioning NES, SNES or Genesis.

Though the N64’s controller is historically hideous, the Tribute64 keeps close to the original design with some notable improvements. The d-pad has its placement moved to a more convenient position with the z-button also being adjusted for comfort and feel. Boasting an analog stick with high response and accuracy, gamers are less likely to earn the N64’s “badge of honor” from endless hours of Mario Party.

There is little preventing fans of the Nintendo 64 from getting their hands on this. Along with a 10-foot cable for the original console and the expansion slots, the Tribute64 is potentially a better choice for the system than the original controller. With the ability to work on the Switch, Steam and emulators, players can now enjoy legendary games like Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007 and Diddy Kong Racing in the way they were meant to be played.

The Tribute64 will have Switch and PC compatibility right out of the box, but the original version of the Tribute64 is still available for purchase at $19.99. Unlike the model that will be coming out in a few months, this only has direct compatibility with the original console and would require the use of adapters for use on other platforms. Considering the fuss and hassle it is finding an adapter and compatible drivers, waiting just two months and paying an additional five dollars is more than worth it for gamers looking to relive their gaming glory days.

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