Retailers List Mass Effect: Legendary Edition For March

Last year, Bioware announced it would bring Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in the spring of 2021. As that window draws closer, it looks like EA and Bioware will make good on the promise as multiple retailers have listed the beloved sci-fi trilogy for pre-order releasing on March 12.

Back in November, Bioware’s announcement included a promise of various improvements to graphics in the form of 4k Ultra HD textures, upgrades to character models, and brand new effects. The blog post from Bioware promised more, but didn’t mention any further specifics just yet. You should also finally be able to play the trilogy in its complete form, as the Legendary Edition comes with all of the series’ DLC.

Today’s update comes from retail leaks, as Bioware and EA haven’t confirmed or denied any specific dates just yet. IdleSloth on Twitter spotted listings via Shopitree and GSShop, both set for March 12. GSShop even went as far as to tweet it.

The listings don’t provide much further insight you haven’t heard yet outside of the date. There’s a mention on Shopitree of “promo weapons, armors, and packs” included, but that’s also likely just the DLC. Bioware and EA have yet to comment on the availability of the game for the latest generation of consoles, but with cross-generation functionality on both Microsoft and Sony platforms, perhaps early adopters won’t be let down.

Last N7 day was the biggest celebration of Mass Effect fans had seen in years. After Andromeda’s rocky reception, the occasion had mostly been scarce of any details on the future of the trilogy. Bioware’s festivities delighted folks keen on learning about the next installment of the series, if there even was any, and it delivered in the form of a trailer.

Mass Effect 4 details obviously remain slim, but with the trilogy just around the corner, the future looks a little more hopeful for Bioware’s ragtag crew.

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