Resident Evil Village VR Gameplay Trailer Makes It Look Like A Hectic FPS

Just a week before its launch, Resident Evil Village VR finally has its first gameplay trailer that shows the PS VR2 version of the game is going to be a much more action-oriented adventure.

When Resident Evil Village first launched, one of the common complaints made against it (especially from fans of Resident Evil 7) was that it simply wasn't scary enough and focused more on action. Well, if that's how you felt about Village, get ready to feel all that again, as the first gameplay trailer for the PS VR2 version of the game makes it seem even more like a hectic FPS.

Resident Evil Village's VR mode was announced all the way back in June, but this gameplay trailer is the first time that we've had a detailed look at in action for ourselves. "Action" is the keyword here, as the first gameplay trailer mostly shows Ethan using a variety of guns and shooting through all of his problems. Village was always more focused on action than survival, but it certainly seems more pronounced in VR.

One way that the new focus on gunplay is shown off in this trailer is the addition of a shooting range to the game, which wasn't present in the original version. This is likely to get players used to shooting with the PS VR2's eye and finger-tracking features, but it also makes Village seem much closer to an FPS than a survival horror this time around. At least the trailer shows some non-shooting things you can do, like storing items in Ethan's coat and pouring green herbs on his hand. You can always punch the lycans if the guns get a bit much.

Outside of the VR version of Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake is the next big game in the series from Capcom. Recent gameplay footage has revealed that it has a number of new features, including cut concepts from the original version of the game being added into the remake. Dataminers also found evidence of a PC VR port for Village, but there hasn't been any development on it since.

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