Resident Evil Village: Salvatore Moreau Boss Guide

Bad news – Resident Evil Village has a swamp level – and it also has a boss battle with a giant fish monster who spews endless streams of poison at poor ol’ Ethan Winters. It’s one of the game’s more challenging encounters, but with the correct weapons and knowledge, it can be conquered fairly easily. Moreau begins life as a nervous hunchback, but when provoked, he transforms into an utter monstrosity that can murder you in a matter of minutes.

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To make things easier, we’ve compiled a guide on how to defeat Salvatore Moreau in Resident Evil Village which contains enough tips and tricks for newcomers and veterans alike. So without further delay, let’s go fishing.

How To Defeat Salvatore Moreau In Resident Evil Village

After draining the swamp of its water, Moreau and his monstrous form will have nowhere to go, so simply exit the control room and follow the demonic creature as he stumbles past the windmill and into the boss arena. Be careful, once you drop down into the fray there will be no turning back. A barrel or two can be broken for additional resources before the battle begins, so take advantage of that if you’re running low on supplies.

Resident Evil Village: Salvatore Moreau Boss Guide – Phase 1

The battle begins once you walk into the boss arena. All seems silent until Moreau crashes through a nearby fence, immediately spouting poison at you alongside a flurry of physical attacks if you happen to get too close. Keep your distance, and focus on his weak point. Much like Lady Dimitrescu, this is the white humanoid body located within his mouth. He’ll try and stay inside his own mouth, emerging after spraying poison to presumably get some air. Use this as an opportunity to get up close and personal with your shotgun, but be careful he doesn’t whack you when up close. Otherwise, hang back with a scope rifle and slowly pop off some shots.

After taking plenty of damage, Moreau will writhe on the floor in agony, offering another chance for you to sprint around the arena for the ideal angle to assault his weak point. When enough damage has been dealt, he will crawl away and prepare to initiate a deadly area of effect attack. Now it’s time to find some shelter. Like other bosses, he’ll glow red when this attack is on the way.

Resident Evil Village: Salvatore Moreau Boss Guide – Phase 2

Moreau’s special attack will be performed once he has crawled above the boss arena. He will spout out a jet of poison which will cover the entire battlefield, damaging Ethan if he has failed to find shelter in time. Luckily, there is cover all around you, so look around until you find a roof or something similar to hide beneath. These are trivial to spot, and are made abundantly clear by yellow-marked crates and barrels. Break these for extra ammo and kill time until Moreau comes back down for another round.

Once he’s back on the ground, it’s time to focus on the explosive barrels located throughout the stage. Moreau isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, so simply keep your distance and have him follow you directly into the path of the barrels. When he’s close enough, blast him to pieces with a well-placed bullet. This does plenty of damage, and with three or so barrels amidst the boss arena, simply keep herding him around and rinse and repeat.

Remain on your toes though, since Moreau will produce walls of slime which must be destroyed for you to process, acting as a cheeky counter to the barrel strategy. He will grow more aggressive when nearing death, requiring faster reflexes to dodge and respond to his attacks. Don’t be surprised if he visits the rooftops for another poison shower either, since he’ll do so if you don’t kill him in time. His movement grows faster too, as he slides around the swamp like a dying seal.

It’s very easy to find yourself cornered in this fight, so always maintain a decent level of distance between you and Moreau. Once enough punishment has been dealt, Moreau will finally bite the dust and grant you access to the next area. Congrats, you survived one of the deadliest fishing trips in gaming.

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