Resident Evil RE:Verse multiplayer details leave fans unimpressed

Alongside Resident Evil Village, fans can try out a new online multiplayer game that pits the series’ most memorable icons against each other.

While most fans’ attention was on those juicy Resident Evil Village details (and more footage of the tall vampire lady everyone’s fallen in love with), Capcom had an additional announcement during its Thursday night showcase.

Titled Resident Evil RE:Verse, the game’s existence had already been leaked beforehand, although only the fact that it’s a multiplayer game of some kind.

The Resident Evil showcase showed it off properly, with a brief announcement trailer as well as confirmation that it will be free for anyone who buys Resident Evil Village. But now Capcom has shared some additional details on the official website.

The game involves four to six players competing in a five-minute deathmatch as their favourite character, with the simple goal of earning more points than anyone else.

So far, series regulars like Chris and Jill from the first game and Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2 have been confirmed, but the trailer also shows Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 and the mysterious gasmask wearing HUNK. And though she wasn’t featured in gameplay, the promotional image shows Ada Wong, so expect her to be playable as well.

What gives RE:Verse its unique hook is that death isn’t the end for players. If your character is gunned down they will transform into a bioweapon, like Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis, making you more powerful and able to still rack up the points.

It’s not yet clear whether each character has a specific transformation, if it’s random, or if players get to pick before the match starts, but these transformations can be made stronger by picking up as many virus capsules as possible.

Registration for the closed beta is still ongoing if you’re interested, although Resident Evil Ambassadors will get priority – especially if they’re a high enough rank.

Judging by the response online, though, fans don’t seem to be particularly impressed with the game. While there are those willing to give it a try when it comes out, many are already comparing it to the much maligned Umbrella Corps and wishing Capcom would just bring back the Mercenaries mode, which hasn’t been seen since Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil RE:Verse releases as part of Resident Evil Village on May 7 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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