Resident Evil: Escape For Halloween game is really difficult and a bit naff

It may not be that scary, or very good, but at least there is technically a new Resident Evil game out this Halloween.

The only brand-new Halloween related video game out today is Luigi’s Mansion 3 but if you look for them there are plenty of other spooky video game experiences out there.

Lots of live service games have Halloween updates, if you happen to find microtransactions scary, plus there’s also a fan recreation of the infamous P.T. demo and this… a multiple choice adventure game for Resident Evil.

Escape For Halloween is intended to drum up interest in upcoming co-op game Project Resistance, which is probably a good idea because to be honest we’d completely forgotten about it until now.

The premise of the game seems to mirror that of Project Resistance itself, as you’re kidnapped by Umbrella Corp., while on the way to a Halloween party, and have to find a way out.

Although it’s pretty short the outcomes of your decisions seem to be randomised between goes, so there’s no correct way of playing it, just pick the choice that makes sense to you and hope for the best.

If you manage to get to the end then you’re given the option to send out a special tweet which Capcom themselves will then retweet.

Unless, presumably, if it says, ‘Escape for Halloween is rubbish and I wish they’d done some Resident Evil 2 DLC instead’.

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