Resident Evil 8 Village: Combining The Mechanical Cylinder And Shaft To Craft Heisenberg’s Hammer

Ah, Treasure, we all love it. I’m a Resident Evil 4 purist myself, so I have a map of every treasure location etched permanently into my synapses, and my mental map of Resident Evil 8 Village is also slowly expanding now, thanks to the fact that I’m writing all these guides. And hey, I’m glad I am, otherwise I may have totally missed how to craft Heisenberg’s Hammer in RE8 Village.

This Treasure is hidden away in two separate locations in the Factory, and you’ll need several Key Items in advance to get both pieces, but with this guide that will be easy.

Both the Mechanical Shaft and the Mechanical Cylinder are hidden away in the Factory, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get both and combine them in Heisenberg’s Hammer below.

How To Get The Mechanical Shaft In RE8 Village

You will find the Mechanical Shaft in Heisenberg’s Quarters, which is found through the South exit of the Foundry room. Go up the stairs, and you’ll need Heisenberg’s Key in order to open up the large door, so I hope you’ve already looked at our Factory walkthrough to get all the Key Items you need.

Once you open up the door to Heisenberg’s Quarters you’ll find four basic enemies inside, and finally, a big suitcase chest containing the Mechanical Shaft. This is a fairly easy item to find, once you have Heisenberg’s Key, as all it really requires is to do a tiny bit of backtracking to pick up missed items.

How To Get The Mechanical Cylinder In RE8 Village

Wouldn’t you know it, the second piece to this Treasure is also very close to the Foundry, meaning you can get it completed quickly and easily – isn’t that nice?

This time you’ll be leaving the Foundry through the North exit, and turn left down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll see a cracked wall marked with a yellow cross – yes, this is where you need to be, but Ethan Winters can’t slip through the cracks, he’ll need an explosive entrance.

So, you’ll need an Explosive Grenade for your Grenade Launcher, a Mine, or a Pipe Bomb. In the case of the Mine, you can place it and then shoot it to detonate it without a nearby enemy. Once the hole in the wall has been opened up, you can go through to the next small room.

Inside here you’ll find some Shotgun Ammo, in addition to another large suitcase chest, inside which you’ll find the Mechanical Cylinder, the final piece you need.

How To Complete Heisenberg’s Hammer in RE8 Village

Once you’ve managed to collect both the Mechanical Cylinder and the Mechanical Shaft in RE8 Village, it’s just a case of putting the pieces together. Hover over them in the Treasures menu and use the Combine option.

The completed Heisenberg’s Hammer will sell to the Duke for a hefty 45,000 Lei, which should give you a bit of spending money to upgrade your guns or your overall bag space, which is always appreciated.

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