Resident Evil 3: Where To Find Red Dot Sight

It can be easy to miss critical items during a horrific Resident Evil 3 playthrough, and the red dot sight is one you can definitely miss. Here’s where and how you can find it.

The safe in Resident Evil 3

Near the beginning of the game, you can find a safe that holds within it a red dot sight for your pistol. To get to it, go down the main street and walk down the stairway. Next, turn right from Moon’s Donuts and go up the metal staircase. Turn left at the end of the path and keep following it to find the safe.

There is a journal to the left of the safe. Give it a read. If you now want to figure out the puzzle yourself, feel free to click to another article like our ranking of the best Resident Evil villains.

The numbers

However, if you’re stuck, let’s continue.

What you want to do is get to the pharmacy. Take a left from the safe, get out of the building and run down the metal staircase. The pharmacy is on the left; you can’t miss it. However, as you reach your destination, you can miss the zombie on the left who appears to be out of commission but will be an unwelcome surprise if you’re unprepared. It will leap towards Jill, so be careful of it and dodge.

Once you’re inside, you will see an advertisement for Aqua Cure. Get a notebook handy!

Write down the number and the direction that corresponds to it. Now, carefully, avoid or kill the zombie chilling out by the doorway, and go back to the safe.

Put in 9 anti-clockwise, 3 clockwise, and 7 anti-clockwise. It will then give you the red dot scope! To equip it, press triangle (or your corresponding button) to reach the inventory, and select your pistol. Go down to combine. Next, pick the scope. You now have the red dot sight on your weapon, which will make it easier to get those headshots you need!


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