Report suggests Sony may announce PS5, E3 2020 plans later today

Hold onto your hats, Sony could be lining up some big news this evening, with reports suggesting that the PlayStation side of the buisness could be set to reveal PS5 and E3 2020 plans.

A report by PushSquare has put forward a number of interesting details which seem to suggest news of the new PlayStation console could be released imminently.

This initially stems from tweets sent earlier today by Kotaku news editor, Jason Schreier .

Writing on Twitter, Schreier seemed to suggest the company may once again skip the big industry event for a second year running.

Schreier posted:

"E3 is in the worst shape it's ever been — last year it was half-empty, and that was before they doxed thousands of attending journalists — so Sony skipping again would make total sense. I'd expect them to announce their own big PS5 event(s) instead."

Following on from this, well-known industry analyst Daniel Ahmad – better known as ZhugeEX – added:

"Should hear more about this today."

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For the time being, it's unclear if Ahmad is referencing Sony, E3 2020 in general, or even a combination of the two.

Either way, with Sony on the cusp of releasing their PlayStation 5 console this year, it's likely that both events will be uniquely linked.

PushSquare (with some top cyber sleuthing) have also reported that several top bosses for Sony appear to be descending on San Francisco, although, no one seems to know why right now.

" Worldwide Studios chief Hermen Hulst was the first to post that he was in the area , but then Sucker Punch communications boss Andrew Goldfarb and indie evangelist Shuhei Yoshida were both snapped in the city ."

Could it be that Sony are preparing to reveal all the juicy next-gen details to their top brass? Or are they coming together in light of a special event.

Right now, it's anybodies guess. But you know the saying 'no smoke without fire', this feels a bit like one of those rumours.

Stay tuned for updates.

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