Remnant: From The Ashes: The 15 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

From the very depths of the insane abyss of a genre created by Dark Souls comes Remnant: From the Ashes. Still, saying it’s just Dark Souls with guns would be a disservice to this brilliant, dark horse, Souls-like game. Remnant, despite following the same formula, has struck a delicate balance between a thrilling doable challenge and a frustrating brick wall, perhaps even better than Dark Souls has.

Gone are the harsh death penalties, other than respawning enemies, but that isn’t to say Remnant is an easy game, it still punishes the unprepared. That’s why being ready in the form of having the biggest guns can steel you for the worst the game has to offer. Lucky for you Souls-like masochists, we’ve made an educated ranking (assuredly not eenie-meenie-miney-mo) of the best weapons in-game.

Updated December 4th, 2020 by Hodey Johns: As more players complete the game and start showing off new tricks, additional weapons have been recognized as top tier. While the top contenders for most powerful weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes are still recognized, new additions can be considered on the lower rungs of the power ladder.

15 Hive Cannon

Players who complete the game still have a lot to do, including unlocking every weapon. Thank goodness for that, because if it weren’t for some inquisitive minds that decided to give this a shot, it might have always remained a goofy handgun in the minds of players.

Taking out groups of enemies has never been easier. The primary fire splits into “bees” that sting multiple enemies at once while the secondary fire lays down poisonous gas that stacks up to three times. Kiss being overwhelmed goodbye with this at your side!

14 Spitfire

If the mass of enemies needs more than damage over time and bees, the the Spitfire is the other handgun to consider. It’s so beefy that it can easily outshine primary weapons with its raw damage numbers.

One of the many unanswered questions people have after finishing the game is, “How did this beauty go undiscovered for so long?” Not only do the bullets pack a punch, but the gun can be modified with a flamethrower to really thin out the crowd.

13 Devastator

Crossbows are always divisive for players who will either love them or hate them when compared to stsndard weaponry. If you’re fighting a boss, even a well-conceived boss like Ikro, for instance, then the Devastator will probably change your mind on how you see crossbows.

By shooting five bolts in a horizontal line, it can be very wonky to land shots against most enemies, but getting to medium and short range on bosses means all five bolts hit the same target for lethal damage.

12 World Breaker

Sure, it’s slow and unwieldy. The damage isn’t even that impressive. When going into one of the many meticulously crafted boss fights in the game, the World Breaker is probably among the worst weapons to use.

That’s not the point of the weapon, though. This thing slams down with an area of effect damage wave so severe that any medium-to-small enemy will melt away after a couple of swings. Never get swarmed again by equipping this fierce hammer.

11 Sporebloom

One shot per second doesn’t scream damage dealer to the casual observer, but when that one shot is a 200 damage burst that infects nearby enemies with 50 rot damage, it’s hard to argue against the effectiveness of this gun.

While waiting for games like Remnant: From the Ashes and others to get crossplay benefits, it’s well worth investing the time into getting ahold of this shotgun-style weapon. The power will blow everyone away no matter what platform they are playing on.

10 Coach Gun

You don’t really have to go that far to look for a decent weapon in Remnant: From the Ashes. From the very beginning, you get to pick the Coach Gun. It’s a double-barrelled shotgun but with a long barrel, meaning it also has respectable range. Anyone who’s been gaming long enough will know that most double-barrelled shotguns are a blast to use.

The Coach Gun is no exception. It only deals slightly less damage than the starting pump Shotgun but you can do more attacks per second with it. Right off the bat, the Coach Gun lets you deal 250 raw damage-per-second (DPS) assuming the range is optimal. The downside is that you have to reload every two shots.

9 Petrified Maul

The Ent is considered by many players as an annoying and sometimes unfair boss due to its penchant to stunlock the players and deal insane damage at the same time. However, defeating it is worth the Herculean effort as you get the chance to be rewarded with the second-best melee weapon in-game: the Petrified Maul.

That would be assuming you shot off The Ent’s legs first (the easier way to defeat him) before defeating him; otherwise, you’ll get a super slow shotgun. What makes the Petrified Maul one of the best melee weapons in the game is the area-of-effect (AoE) damage and Rot damage which can interrupt the actions of whoever is inflicted. The slow attack can be easily offset with an accessory.

8 Beam Rifle

It’s a rifle… that shoots beams. A simple weapon with simple results; it vaporizes anything it organic it’s aimed at. The beam rifle deals radiation damage which gets higher the longer you hold the trigger. While the sustained damage the Beam Rifle can do to the tougher enemies in Remnant is a valuable asset, you might want to be mindful of the ammo.

It’s pretty easy to get carried away beaming everything to death and quickly running out of ammunition, which results in awkward fights. Nevertheless, the Beam Rifle is a solid piece in your arsenal and a staple component of becoming ridiculously overpowered. Besides, the Radiation status effect essentially halves the stamina of your enemies, assuming that’s how it works on them.

7 Sniper Rifle

Explore every nook and cranny on Earth a little bit longer in Remnant and you’ll surely come across a conventional beast of a weapon, the Sniper Rifle. It has everything the marksman in you will ever want for. Crazy high damage, a scope, a high critical chance, and a loud bang.

The tradeoff is that only one round can fit in the chamber and it has no magazine, meaning you’ll have to reload the Sniper Rifle after every shot. If you’re skilled or stealthy enough, this shouldn’t matter much — most enemies die in 1-2 shots from the Sniper Rifle. Most enemies will be dead before they get near you.

6 Magnum Revolver

As per the name, the Magnum Revolver is only a sidearm or side weapon, it’s only a pistol, after all. That doesn’t mean you should underestimate the damage it can do. At the base level, without upgrades, and at an optimal distance, the Magnum Revolver deals 63 damage per round.

Since it’s also a revolver, it has a limit of only six rounds before you need to reload. However, the damage more than makes up for this shortcoming. To make it more appealing, you can actually acquire the Magnum Revolver quite early in the game. It’s best paired with fast weapons to compensate for the slow rate of fire.

5 Assault Rifle

For a game that’s pretty much a Souls-like with guns, not having a fully-automatic weapon should be punishable by crime. Thankfully, Remnant doesn’t commit that injustice to its player-base. The developers have randomly tucked away a fabled Assault Rifle in one of the dungeons on Earth. Getting it might be more difficult as the quest involving the Assault Rifle as a reward has a random chance of getting triggered.

If you’re lucky enough to have it, though, you’ll probably end up using it for a while. It doesn’t have the best damage (for balancing reasons) but it’s one of the most reliable primary weapons in-game. While it’s generally useful, you’ll want to watch out for your ammo supply especially during boss fights– this gun’s a certified lead hog.

4 Defiler

A good weapon is not just measured by how much damage it can do or how awesome it looks. Sometimes, they just enable you to use other powerful long-range but slow weapons like the Sniper Rifle. The Defiler is one such weapon which also on its own, can be devastating against any enemy in front of you.

It’s just another revolver (with six rounds) but deals absurd amounts of damage per shot and can easily be used to dispatch enemies that get too close. As such, it’s a perfect weapon when paired with the Sniper Rifle for that one-two punch combo of long-range and short-range attacks. We did consider the Submachine Gun but its damage pales in comparison with the Defiler.

3 Riven

In almost every RPG, there’s always that one weapon that lets us channel our inner vampire by absorbing some of the damage we deal. Such weapons are also held in high regard since they combine both defense and offense. That weapon is the Riven in Remnant. It’s a fashionable scythe and has a natural long reach for that matter.

What makes it twice as useful and as appealing in Remnant is the fact that the means to heal in that game are rare; you only get two healing items and both of them are finite. Moreover, the Riven makes a full melee build in a game like Remnant possible or viable enough. This is not a weapon you’d want to miss.

2 Repulsor

The best defense is a good offense and if you want a no-nonsense weapon that lets you dispatch enemies right away without much of a hassle, then the Repulsor is best suited for that. Among all the weapons, it has the highest DPS (though not the best fire rate). The Repulsor does 100 damage per shot (no upgrades) and can unload 1.8 shots per second.

What makes it truly a weapon of mass destruction for the Root corrupted baddies of Remnant is its Banish mod. It allows you to send an enemy to another realm for a limited time whereupon they’ll receive massive damage from your Repulsor once they return. It’s handy for dealing with tougher or troublesome caster enemies.

1 Ruin

As its name says, the Ruin, which is a rifle, will ruin your enemies’ lives in more ways than one. It’s a much better choice of primary compared to the Assault Rifle when fully upgraded. In that regard, it’s one of the highest DPS weapons available in-game. It also comes with a 3x scope and a critical chance identical to the Sniper Rifle.

But wait, we’re not finished! The Ruin will also ruin other guns for you because of its unique skill or mod innate when obtaining the weapon: Undying. It is what it sounds like; when you’re killed while wielding this gun and its mod power meter is full, you get an instant revival along with 33 percent of your health! This gun is borderline broken, we agree.

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