Redditor Perfectly Recreates Curries From Pokémon Sword & Shield, And They Look Delicious

One of the new features in Pokémon Sword & Shield allows players to cook different types of curry and feed it to their Pokémon, which can increase various stats, heal status conditions, and even make your Pokémon more sociable. Finding inspiration in these dishes, Redditor Calvaroni decided to recreate them, and the end result looks downright delicious.

Every two weeks, Calvaroni recreates a curry dish from Pokémon Sword & Shield for his employees to eat during lunch. Not only does he recreate the flavors introduced in each curry, but the dishes themselves look almost identical to the ones in the game, and would certainly be a popular item at a Pokémon-themed restaurant.

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So far, he’s made the Sweet Apple Curry and the Sour Toast Curry, and both of them look absolutely delicious and about as close to the in-game meals as you can get. Next up, he plans to make the Instant Noodle Curry by preparing curry ramen from scratch. Calvaroni posts each meal on Reddit next to its in-game counterpart.

At the end of the day, Calvaroni’s dishes serve as another example of just how creative and inspired the Pokémon community can be. From Pokémon card art to clay figures and cosplay, the fan base can have a lot of fun when it’s not arguing about whether or not the new games need to have a National Dex. These meals aren’t currently available to the public, but if Calvaroni ever decides to open a Pokémon-themed food truck, you can expect there to be a line.

Despite the detail put into these dishes, Pokémon Sword & Shield has much more to offer than cooking curries, as the brand new Galar region and 8th generation of Pokémon have given fans plenty to get excited about. Despite the fact that some are not satisfied with the game’s graphics, the core Pokémon experience is still there, and Game Freak has proven once again that the popular RPG series isn’t going anywhere soon. On top of that, the first ever Pokémon DLC, The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, are slated to release later this year.

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