Redditor Gets Hit By Plane After Carpet-Bombing Bridge In Squirrel Suit In Just Cause 4

Just Cause players, it turns out, are highly capable of some very comedic chaos. This was proven most recently by a Just Cause 4 player who managed to get hit by an airplane in mid-air while performing a bombing run.

A video posted to Reddit by user Rooonaldooo99 illustrated this very event. The player had been minding their own business as protagonist Rico Rodriguez, just carpet-bombing a bridge in order to stop an apparent convoy, when an airplane disrupted the entire operation by striking Rico in mid-air.

The video can be seen below.

Predictably, the gameplay clip ends in certain death. It appears that the plane may have exploded as well, perhaps by a bomb launched at the last second. However, the plane ultimately assures that Rico is unable to stop the convoy if only due to his own gruesome death.

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The plane’s proximity to the ground is a bit questionable in the first place. But, perhaps the more prominent takeaway is that karma strikes at the worst times in Just Cause 4. In what would seem like a one-in-a-million shot, the plane manages to hit Rico head on just as the player annihilates the infrastructure of the island of Solis. Yet, the ability to destroy these bridges and infrastructure in the first is something that can be admired in an open world game.

As mentioned previously, players of the Just Cause series are capable of causing this type of silly chaos on the regular. For instance, in another gameplay clip from Just Cause 3 titled “That’s Cowrma,” a player sticks several boosting propeller devices to the bottom of a cow, giving cow tipping a new meaning. After activating the devices, the cow goes flying at an uncontrollable speed and ends up killing Rico after the detonation of four explosive devices stuck to the cow’s back.

As for other things related to the Just Cause series, developer Avalanche Studios has split into three different studios under Avalance Studios Group. While no new Just Cause games have been announced, it has been said that the still-titled Avalanche Studios will retain the Just Cause IP.

Just Cause is a series that seems to keep on giving. So, whether it’s the most recent installment or an older existing entry, every ridiculous event can be widely appreciated by even the uninitiated among gamers.

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