Red Dead Redemption 2 UPDATE: Online Summer DLC news for PS4 and Xbox RDO fans

Rockstar Games has everything in place for the big Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update for September 2019, even if Red Dead Online gamers have had to wait a lot longer than they first thought for the next major expansion.

But with September 10 just a few days away, a flurry of new content will be arriving in RDR2 shortly. While we don’t have an exact time for the Red Dead Online update release, we can probably expect an early launch.

Rockstar Games usually launches their major multiplayer DLCs in the morning for UK gamers. And there is nothing to suggest this will change with the Frontier Pursuits DLC on Tuesday.

The biggest part of the expansion will be choosing a new career path for your characters to follow. This will mean being a Bounty Hunter, Trader, or Collector, depending on what new content you want to unlock.

As you progress through each Role you’ll rank up, unlock new items, benefits and skills to enhance your experiences across the world, from gun spinning tricks to improved Eagle Eye and much more.

These new Specialist Roles are a big part of Rockstar Games’ forward planning, so there’s probably a lot we still don’t know about them.

What we do know is that PS4 and Xbox One gamers will need enough Gold Bars to unlock their chosen career path. After that, there will be plenty of new content to explore, depending on how you want to play the game.

It should also be noted that the Bounty License will be free to Twitch Prime users, the Trader Butcher table free for PS4 gamers and The Collector role available at no extra charge if you find all the missing playing cards.


Licensed Bounty Hunters can pick up work by visiting bounty boards located near law offices, post offices and train stations across the states. There is no shortage of criminals to be dealt with and the targets range in difficulty, from lone low-level petty thieves to notorious outlaws with armed protection details and a watchful eye. Taking on an armed gang or bringing multiple targets to justice is made easier with the help of a Posse, who will all earn a cut of the final bounty. And keep in mind, bringing in targets alive will yield a greater reward.

Eclipsing Bounty Hunter Rank 12 will open up the opportunity to take down other players with high bounties of $20 or more. Bounty Hunters will be notified through an invite about the opportunity to hunt down the wanted player when they’re nearby in a structured pursuit.


Once you’re operational, you’ll provide Cripps with Materials through hunting animals – pristine pelts and carcasses will provide better yields. You’ll also take on Resupply Missions to acquire additional necessities through less than savoury tactics. Once supplied, Cripps will begin turning the materials into sellable goods, which can then be sent out on low-risk local deliveries for payment or across greater distances for a premium.

Improve your hunting yields with a Hunting Wagon for larger hauls or upgrade your Delivery Wagons for larger sales. As business flourishes and your presence becomes known in the market, your competition may grow jealous of your success, so keep an eye out for raids on your camp. As your trade grows, you might consider purchasing a camp dog from Wilderness Outfitters. Not only are dogs great camp companions for all players, but a Trader of sufficient rank can teach their dog to warn of incoming attacks.


With Madam Nazar’s help, you will be able to explore the world finding valuable treasures, whether they’re discarded Tarot cards in abandoned camps, buried treasures unearthed with your trusty shovel, hidden family heirlooms and more.

Collect individual pieces and sell them off directly to Madam Nazar or collect entire sets for even more valuable sales. As you progress, you’ll unlock enhanced searching skills; more useful tools like a metal detector; benefits like increased carrying capacities; the ability for your horse to directly pluck and pass herbs to you while mounted, and more.

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