Red Dead Redemption 2 Owanjila Dam – Cool Things To Do

Red Dead Redemption 2’s map is quite large, and with that comes a multitude of landmarks – quite literally hundreds for you to find. One of these landmarks, Owanjila Dam, is one of our favorite points of interest in the wide world of Red Dead. This area is home to numerous collectible items to be found, a hidden cheat, some legendary fish, and plenty of other cool things to do.

The Owanjila Dam is located in the Big Valley region of the Commonwealth of West Elizabeth. The dam reduces the flow of water from Owanjila Lake to the Upper Montana River. Players who are particularly astute may have noticed that the water levels of the Upper Montana River are much lower in this game than in the first installment. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the first game, this likely means that the Owanjila Dam undertook some heavy damage between the two titles, or was opened entirely.

A Sit Spot

Scattered through the world of Red Dead, there are numerous places where you can sit down, deemed “sit spots” by the community. One of these sit spots is right here at Owanjila Dam, overlooking the water.

It’s rather unfortunate that the game doesn’t give you the option to fish from this sit spot, or to at least let you take out your rifle and play some modern day Duck Hunt. Nonetheless, it is a relaxing spot to just chill in Red Dead Online.

Cheat Location

One of Red Dead Redemption 2’s 37 cheats can be found at Owanjila Dam. Saddle up and ride your horse underneath the upper part of the dam, right into the water. On the left wall, you will see the words “I Still Seek More” carved into the wood.

Looking at this graffiti will unlock the Dead-Eye Level 4 cheat, which allows you to see the vital organs of the enemies you are targeting while using Dead-Eye. You will receive an alert that you unlocked this when you next open the cheat menu.

Lock Box and Tarot Card

On top of the cheat above, numerous items can be found in the Owanjila Dam area. A Ginseng Elixir can be be found wedged between a log and a rock, slightly west of the dam. A short way south of the dam, up the mountain, a lockbox containing a money clip, chewing tobacco, and a Special Bitters pamphlet can be found between some chests that came from a destroyed wagon near the edge of a cliff.

One of the game’s 14 suit of wands tarot cards can be found on the dam itself. The nine of wands can be found up a small staircase, to the right of a wooden wheel, sitting on the edge of the Owanjila Dam, just feet away from the sit spot.

Beavers and Eagles and Bass, Oh My!

Owanjila Dam is home to many rare animals, including one of the 14 legendary fish. The legendary smallmouth bass can be found in Owanjila lake, using the special lakes lure. Unfortunately, you can’t fish from the sit spot, so you’ll have to find yourself a nice spot on the shoreline to fish from.

The one nice thing about needing to fish from the shore is that you have a better chance of encountering some beavers. Owanjali Dam is one of the few places on the map that is home to beavers, so make sure to stock up on pelts while you grind away for that legendary fish.

Once you’re done with beavers and bass, there is another animal to be found, this one up high. Head to the crook in the road, highlighted in blue in the map below. Look up into the treetops here, as this is a common spot for eagle nests to spawn. It is recommended that you use the varmint rifle to take care of these birds, as it is the most effective at taking down animals of this size. Loot these eagle corpses to find yourself some feathers to craft with.

Those are just a few additional reasons to stop by Owanjila Dam, one of Red Dead Redemption 2’s many landmarks. You’ve likely found your way over there at some point while exploring, but now it’s time for you to head back and pick up what you missed.

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